5 Ways To Handle Post-Marriage Blues

Published on: 3/10/17 4:52 PM

Afterall, your bed of roses may have some thorns too!

Life post-marriage can be equally disturbing for both the partners, be it arranged marriage or love marriage, challenges are almost the same. Getting married is much different for a girl than for a boy as she has to move into a new family of which she has absolutely no clue. Of course, even the boy is equally anxious to sudden changes that follow post-marriage, but entering into a new house and treating a completely unknown family as your own is something next to impossible! If you are newly married and all set to become a part of the new family, hold your horses! Everything is not going to be as you must have anticipated and things can go extremely out of control if you don’t handle your emotional turmoil at the right moment. Below we are sharing a few hacks to deal with your post-marriage blues, Girls! Believe me, they aren’t easy to handle.

1. Befriend your mother-in-law


Once you enter the new family, your mother-in-law is the only one who knows the house as well as your husband the most. Try befriending her as much as possible to adjust in the house quickly. Seek her advice and listen to what she has to tell you. Trust me she can be your best friend or your worst enemy, the ball is in your court. 

2. Stop comparing the house to your paternal house


After entering the new house you might become overwhelmed with your husband’s house. However, don’t compare the two houses either ways. Neither be very impressed nor be too disappointed. Every house has its own pros and cons. Every house has a leaky tap and a misfit switch. Relax and learn to get used to it.

3. Avoid Being Alone


Try to be surrounded with people and keep learning new things. Every family has its own ambience. Let the ambience of your new family sink into you. Feel the house and people to be your own. Being alone can make you miss your family and your lifestyle. You may start feeling home-sick and believe me, it can be an ultimate mood-spoiler for you and your partner. 

4. Keep Yourself Calm


Sometimes you may feel your independence is at stake and you are being subjected to unnecessary attention and protectiveness. Just relax and let things pass. Your partner or your in-laws are concerned about you and they just want to make sure that you are comfortable. Your new family doesn’t know you well! Isn’t it? Give them some time to understand things that you are comfortable with and things that you are not.

5. Talk to Your Partner


This one is the best option. Talk openly to your partner about the emotional imbalance that you are going through. Keep him involved and let him know if something is seriously disturbing you. However, make sure that you are not too demanding or vague. Make adjustments from your end in the best possible way and let him know how happy you are to be a part of his family. 

So go ahead and embrace your new life. It's just a matter of some time and then you will be sorted and happy! Do share your experiences with us!

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