6 Statement That Tells How Much You Are Good As a Friend

Published on: 5/08/18 10:06 AM

Well, a good friend has many qualities like honesty, trustworthy, cooperative, empathy, loyal and blah blah blah but besides that, a good friend also has another side which makes such friend so unique and classy and this specialty is. enduring their friends all the time and they do it very well.

There are six statements that tell about your friend’s good side. If you agree with these statement means you are one of the good friends.

Let’s Check

NO. 1 When your friend recites a Joke

good friend quality


NO. 2 When your friend insults you

true friend facts


NO. 3 When you feel to insult your friend


NO. 4 When your friend asks you, how am I looking?

Things that make you a Good Friend


NO. 5 When your friend asks you for help


NO. 6 When your friend spends money on you

What do you think about this? Does it happen with you and your friend? Do you want to stretch this list? If yes, then Let me come to know about your experience in the comment section.

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