Steps That Open Doors To Dramatic Sketching- Beginner’s Alert !

Published on: 20/04/18 10:11 AM

Art Alert- Steps To Dramatic Sketching

Sketching is love for those who find joy in converting a painting into a beautiful reality. If you have been fond of sketching wonderful creations and realistic artwork. We have a list of basics that you can master to create a beautiful masterpiece.

  1. Face

    If you are new to sketching it’s important to understand that face is the soul of a painting. As the wrong alignment can completely change the appearance of a person. So watch closer to the strategy followed in this video and take notes of making a beautiful face.

  2. Realistic Eyes

    Dear artist, you might have heard the saying that-Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but this is just a thought which doesn’t really apply to art. So its always in the hands of an artist to bring out the best from a painting to make it spoken and interactive. Eyes say it all and hold the magic to grab one’s attention. Watch this video carefully to master tips for making conversating eyes.

  3.  Nose

    Best and average sketches just have one dissimilarity. Any guesses? Yes, it’s none other than a nose that either enhances a sketch or spoils it. So master the art of sketching a nose as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  4. Lips

    Your artwork can become your worst nightmare if you are not trained in holding pencil precisely. It’s not that difficult rather easy to grip a beautiful lip just with your fingers. Master it, to make alluring painting and sketches.

  5. Cute Hairstyle

    After mastering a beautiful face, eyes, nose, and lips, learn to draw cute hairstyle. Observe this video carefully and don’t sketch hairs like a horse tale as more practice can help you master a beautiful hairstyle.

  6. Dress

    Learn to dress the sketch of apparels to make your sketch appear even more realistic. Dress add glamor to your artistic skills and so a designer wear on a sketch tend to attract more viewers instead of just a casual dress.

  7. All In One

    If you have mastered the art of expression of a dramatic artwork go on practicing it. With this all in one tutorial to improvise your sketching even more. This is a clubbed tutorial explaining how to draw beautiful eyes, nose, and lips all together in one shot.

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