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7 Futuristic Designs That Are Going To Be BIG!!!

Published on: 8/02/20 5:12 PM

Smart Innovations Futuristic Product Designs


Innovators are truly a gift to mankind. Every day, these inventors put in their scientific as well as creative minds in a bid to solve a lot of problems, or reduce efforts. While many don’t work out, some of them do, and the ones who do are potential goldmines.

Let us take a look at some amazing futuristic designs which, according to our expert eye, are such potential goldmines and are gonna be BIG!!!

  1. Thinx “period” underwear

Smart futuristic design to solve menstrual problems

The writer of this article is a girl, so trust me when I say that this will prove to be a godsend. Thinx “period” underwear will reduce hundreds of hours of effort that girls have to put in their menstrual hygiene and upkeep. This innerwear comes with an inbuilt sanitary cloth to soak blood from menstrual cycle. This wonder-wear is moisture wicking, leak resistant, and keeps bacteria at bay.

  1. DAFNI hairbrush

DAFNI hairbrush - This smart invention would solve all of future lifestyle problems

Sometimes it feels like a day cannot start unless there is a violent tussle between hair and the comb. A great hair day is a rare thing. And then there is the 2nd war with the hair straightener. We can’t eliminate hair management activities altogether, but at least this new age straightener kills two birds with one stone.

  1. ZEF Climatic Table

ZEF Climatic Table - Futuristic Smart Designs

What is so great about a table you ask? Well, this unique table is equipped with the technology that enables it to regulate the temperature of a room it is kept in, without requiring electricity. And this ain’t magic, son!

  1. Plug Lamp

Plug Lamp - Futuristic smart design for charging smart devices

Yet another smart invention that integrates two different functionalities. This new age lamp is equipped with a socket at its base for charging your smartphones, laptops and other devices. Thus, you have a device that not only gives you light, but also gives energy to your devices. Not to mention, its sleek, sophisticated design that amplifies your home décor.

  1. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock - Futuristic Product to look out for home security

The next step in home security. The August Smart Lock system supplements your original home locking system, by adding features like guests access, log visits, etc., monitored by your smartphone. An extremely safe and secure home, notwithstanding.

  1. XStat

XStat - This futuristic design can be a medical miracle

XStat is a syringe-like device that quickly plugs big wounds like those from a gun or knife, by injecting tiny balls of super-absorbent sponges. This device will work wonders for victims who cannot access hospital facilities.

  1. The Edge desk

The Edge desk - An ergonomic solution for future workspace

We can’t wait for this worktable to be more economically accessible. This sleek table is ergonomically designed keeping in mind the contours of a human body at a part-rest posture. In short, it is a godsend for people with back problems. Also, it is foldable downwards, so you can store it anywhere.

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