7 Reasons Why Being In Love Is Good For Your Health

Published on: 3/04/18 11:25 PM

Have you ever fallen in love? Are you planning to fall in love anytime in future ? You agree or not, thats your wish! But I can guarantee you that once in your life time you would have surely had a crush. I too had, not one but many in my entire school life. đŸ˜‹

It’s not necessary that you have to be in a romantic relationship to experience love. As a person, you may receive love from your parents, siblings, friends, etc. The good thing is that getting into love is actually good for your health : both physically and mentally. Confused? Keep reading to know more

1. Love Makes You Get Rid Of Bad Habits!

Love - surprising health benefits of love

Yes this is absolutely true! If you would have got into any kind of serious romantic relationship before in your life then you would definitely agree with this point.

Taking big decisions in your life like quitting smoking or hitting up the gym is not at all easy to take. But, when you are into a relationship, the other partner holds half control on you and that ultimately leads you to take these major decisions. It’s been even proved in studies that partners themselves start to take good actions so the relation doesn’t get spoiled due to either of their bad habits.

2. There are lot chances you will live longer!

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Many studies over the years have proved that married couples tend to live more longer in comparison of unmarried people. We know this is hard to believe but if you want to know into more detail about this then feel free to Google.

3. There will be less stress in your life!

love-benefits of loveSource

I know I know some of you may argue with me that this is absolutely false and instead it’s the opposite of what has been written above. But, before you make any other point/judgement, kindly understand what I am trying to convey.

In early stages of a relationship, there may be stress levels due to problems, sacrifices, etc but in long run, things are going be better and there will be less amount of stress levels. You may hold hands with your partner or hug them, and this will lead to release of hormones that will keep you happy. Another reason is that there will always be someone to support you in your hard times.

4. Falling In Love Makes You Have A Great Skin!

love is good for mental and physical healthSource

Believe it or not, the time you blush when you see your partner or due to any other reason, you actually improve your facial skin. At the moment the blushing takes place, a lot of blood reaches your face which ultimately results in greater and healthier skin.

5. When in love, you start to have a great memory

love-how love affects mental healthSource

The best part about falling in love is that one starts to plan for future too. The long term planning helps to improve your memory. When in love, a stress bursting hormone known as Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is released which helps to increase focus and help you remember things for longer.

6. OMG! Love helps in eradication of cancer!


Studies have shown that married couples have less chances of catching up with cancer when compared with singles. In a research conducted at University of lowa, it was found that from the patients suffering with ovarian cancer who were into satisfied relationship had more number of white blood cells which helped in killing of cancer cells when compared to people indulged in unhealthy relationships.

7. Having a good relationship lowers your chances of heart attack!


In love, your heart doesn’t only fall for a person, it also becomes strong to protect it against heart attack risks. A Harvard study concluded that the married men who experienced love from their wives had 50% less chances of heart related issues irrespective of health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Ladies, the ball is in your court also! A study conducted in University of Pittsburgh found that women in happy relationship had less risks of cardiovascular disease than women in stressed relationships.

We too had many misconceptions releated to love but in our research we too got shocked to find out about all these scientific facts that proved love is good for your health. If you liked the article, share it with your pals. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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