7 Signs That Tell How Much Good Life Are You Living?

Published on: 26/07/18 1:53 PM

Are you living a better life? May you don’t have the sure answer but a good or a better life depends on our desires. If you want to live your life with your dreams exactly, then this list must be with you.

It tells you to develop your self-confidence and listen to your mind and develop intellectual understanding. What is the real purpose of your life? To think about it answer these 7 Signs That Tell How Much Good Life Are You Living?

1. How often do you have time for yourself?

The question is not about taking a long break. This can be 60 seconds or even a few minutes or a day in a week when you able to think about what you are doing is worth for you. Do you engage with your family, friends, and relatives? Do you have time to go to different places or nearby places or you always say no to everybody because of your work and for fulfilling your dreams. The more emotional life takes you down? The fast-moving life is pushing you. And you always Keep fighting with yourself and your problems


2. Do you feel cheerful

Do you feel cheerful yourself? Always try to be the happiest and gleeful person in your life and try to know, what are that method and things that give you more happiness? Such things make you feel exciting and independent. If you found these things already, definitely you are on the way to live the life with high perspective.


3. Do you trust your guidance?

It is better to rely on others ‘decision’ you should ask questions from yourself for everything related to you and also ask their answers from yourself This way help you to deepen your relationship with yourself, along with your fears and doubts, and you will be free from the thoughts or expectations of others.


4. Do you let the past go?

The old negative experience prevents us from moving forward. To avoid this, learn new things with the new experience and adventure to keep thinking about moving forward. Go to new places because this also helps us to forget the past because when you see the new things (or good thing) and new people in new places you try to engage with these new things and then forget to remember the past.  

5. How many times did you conquer the problems in your life?

Think about those moments of life when the time has been tested to you the most. This is the most precious gift of your life, it tells you what you have learned in life and whenever you were in trouble, to get out of them. What did you do? What was your strategy or you conquered without any strategy? 


6. Do follow the heart or the mind?

You can think a lot. Suspicion and logic always come because the brain works in a steady and step-by-step manner. The heart always thinks right, so whenever you have a doubt, always listen to your heart.

Because your hearth thinks beyond the suspicion and logic. It doesn’t tell you about the bad side of anything. It only tells what you actually need without caring about the pros and cons of the things.

7. Is everything enough in life?


If there is love, health and success in your life then suppose everything is enough, we all know that there is everything in the world but still, there is not enough. There is a lot in the world but you just have to think about how much is really enough for you.

 it is important to ask the right questions for yourself. This question will help you in your right direction, your life will be much better.

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