8 Best Movies That Explain Why People With Autism Are Awesome And Special

Published on: 20/04/18 7:01 PM

best all time autism movies hollywood

A movie can be a great way to communicate with millions of people. Talented directors try to pick the topics which are usually not discussed. One of such topics is Autism.

It is an issue that is affecting many people across the globe. People with autism find it difficult to meet new people and interacting with them. They find it difficult to work with new colleagues and it causes a huge trouble in their lives.

The Hollywood directors have quite often tried to explain why people suffering from Autism are special. Though all the autism-based movies did not do justice to the autistics, we still found some amazing movies to bring in your view. These movies show how arduous life an autistic individual lives without thinking about giving up.

Let’s check these amazing movies:

1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

People still wonder that why this movie did not get an Oscar? Featuring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio as brothers, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape explains how difficult it can be to take care of an innocent autistic person.

Leonardo has portrayed Arnie Grape’s character in this movie who is an autistic boy. The story shows how Gilbert (Johnny Depp) struggles to keep his autistic brother out of troubles. He faces several ups and downs but still manages to stay committed to Arnie’s care. DiCaprio was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in 66th Acadamy Awards and 51st Golden Globe Awards. The whole film fraternity was praising his performance.

2. Temple Grandin

story of an autistic girl


It is a story of an autistic girl, who is desperate to vanquish her limits and chase her dreams. Claire Danes has portrayed the character of Temple Grandin. The critics appreciated her performance and admired the story. They have considered Temple Grandin an inspiration for all the autistic people who want to do special to be special.

3. Fly Away

Fly Away - Mandy's Story on Autism


It is Mandy’s story. She is a teenager who lives with her mom and she is autistic. Janifer, Mandy’s mom is aware of her growing needs and she is sacrificing her own goals to do what is best for her daughter.

She faces various tough challenges to be there for Mandy. Both actresses Ashley Rickards (Mandy) and Beth Broderick (Janne) have performed great and gained a huge response from the critics and audiences.

4. Rain Man

Autistic Man Movie Hollywood - Rain Man


It is actually a journey that Raymond and Charlie live together after their father’s death. Ramond(Dustin Hoffman) is an autistic man and Charlie (Tom Cruise) is a selfish automobile dealer. Raymond is reclusive and he does not like to spend time with strangers, but he and Charlie still get on the same journey that takes them through various adventures.

Raymond is the Rain Man who will entertain you will his special abilities and extraordinary knowledge about gambling.

5. Adam

Adam - Movies on Autism


Probably one of the most romantic comedies that will entertain you right from the beginning till the end. Adam is the main protagonist, portrayed by Hugh Dancy.

He is an electronics engineer, who meets his upstairs neighbor Bethe (Rose Byrne) and falls in love with her. Adam does not express his feelings openly because he is an autistic guy. She finds him innocent and that’s how their romantic love story begins and progresses amazingly well.

6. Mozart and the Whale

first autism movie Mozart and the Whale


It is the first movie that has shown what can happen if two autistics fall in love. It features a taxi driver Donald Morton, portrayed by Josh Hartnett and Isabelle Sorenson (Radha Mitchell). Donald creates a support group to help people like him and Isabelle joins that group. Both fall in love and try to live a romantic life, but their conditions affect their relationships. That’s how this movie presents the relationship of autistic people in a new way.

7. The Black Baloon

hollywood autism movies - The Black Baloon


It is an Australian drama film, featuring two brothers Charlie (Luke Ford) and Thomas (Rhys Wakefield). The oldest brother is autistic and Thomas is a normal guy. The youngest bro is eager to make new friends, but he cannot because of special behavior of his brother.

Charlie unknowingly puts his brother in troubles because of which Thomas starts hating him. Things get quite worse and then Thomas meets a girl who helps him in accepting his brother as he is.

8. The Accountant

The Accountant - best autism movie


This movie features an accountant (Ben Affleck), suffering from High-functioning autism and works for some of the most dangerous clients in the nation. His father trained him self-defense tactics along with his brother. FBI finds Christian (Ben) responsible for helping criminals. He tries to cover up his old deeds by working for a legitimate client.

The Accountant is an amazing movie because it shows how talented and ruthless an autistic man or woman can be if trained properly.


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