8 Comfort Foods Of India That Are Not Really Indian

Published on: 11/11/17 12:39 PM

Comfort foods of India that did not take their origin from here.

India and food are two inseparable words. As much as the country is known for its varied cultures and traditions, it is also known to have a knack for a huge number of food varieties. Different states in India are special for their own cuisine and the taste will definitely make you want to come back just for the food. Be it Punjab ke Chole Kulche or Chennai ka Sambar; we Indians indulge ourselves in a huge variety of food tastes and make sure everything leaves us with a fully satisfying meal. However, few of these dishes didn’t take their origin here in India. Surprised much?

Why don’t we take a look at a few of them?

1. Samosa


Yes, you read it right. It's our Samosa. The Samosa we have every evening with chai and our stomach feels full. Actually this Samosa is not ours. It was originally made in the 'Middle East' and was called as 'Sambosa'. It was a popular food item right from the 13th or 14th century after the traders from Central Asia brought this to India and we gave it our own twist of spices and made it Samosa.

2. Rajma


I'm sure your mouth must be watering thinking of Rajma Chawal. All the Punjabis, where are you? You want to read this. Though Rajma was a dish made in India, it was not developed until the red kidney beans were brought to the country from Mexico.  

3. Biryani


You must be thinking, 'Biryani?'. Yes, the Mughals surely introduced Biryani to India but one of an Indian restaurateur claims that Biryani was originated in Persia and then brought to India by Mughals. How does it feel to know that your favourite food is a Persian dish?

4. Filter Coffee


Filter Coffee is life, for South Indians. Their day probably starts and continues and ends with filter coffee. However, these beans were planted on the slopes of Chandragiri Hills in Mysore, by Baba Budan. It is believed that on his journey to Mecca, he discovered the wonders of coffee and hid seven of the coffee beans to plant for himself from the Yemeni Port of Mocha.

5. Jalebi


This popular sweet dish is believed to be brought to Medieval India by Persian-speaking Turkic invaders. This sweet is called Zalabiya in Arabic and Zalibiya in Persian and has no connection with us. Surprising how our 'desi mithai' is nowhere connected to us, right?

6. Chai


Sorry, all the Chai lovers but Chai isn't ours either. Taking its origin from China, it was brought to India by the Britishers to break China's monopoly in the tea market. Who knew that this Chai would become the heart of India someday.

7. Gulab Jamun


Luqmat al qadi. That's how it is referred to in Mediterranean and Persia. This mouth-watering, most loved dish of India was originally from the Persia. Though the original dish is soaked in honey and sprinkled with sugar, we modified the recipe and replaced sugar with honey.

8. Dal Chawal


Okay, this dish is the life of India. Dal Chawal with achaar, mirchi, baingan fry, aloo bhujiya or fish; you're lying to me if you say that your mouths are not watering already. Now, let me break your heart. This is a Nepali dish. Basically, Himalayan food. Amazing, isn't it?

Though all these dishes are not originated from India, needless to say, they are our comfort foods. We have been so habituated to eat them and have no thoughts of letting them go for the rest of our lives. Right, Indians?

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