8 Instances When The Robots Like “J.A.R.V.I.S.” Actually Killed People

Published on: 20/04/18 2:40 PM


people killed by robotic machines


Anybody, who has seen Avengers, would know who J.A.R.V.I.S. is. It is Tony Stark’s AI system “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System”. It is just a fictional supercomputer. However, some similar robotic machines have actually affected people’s lives.

These robotic machines should make tough jobs easier. These machines should perform what the developers have commanded through the programs.

The robotic machines may not follow the instructions, especially when there is some sort of malfunction in the machine. The malfunction in self-operating machines can be disastrous.

It happened many times. We are sharing some instances when people lost their lives because of malfunctions in self-operated machines.

1. Ramji Lal

Robot Deaths

Ramji Lal used to work at SKH Metals factory in Manesar, Haryana. There are robotic arms in this company to lift metal sheets. On the day of his demise, the metal sheet was not positioned accurately. Ramji Lal was about to fix it and Robotic arm stabbed him. he died on the spot because of stabbing and electrocution.

2. Regina Elsea

Regina Elsea killed by faulty robot in manufacturing plant


This incident took place during 2016. A faulty robot caused Regina’s death just two weeks before her wedding. She used to work for a South-Korean owned company that manufactures Hyundai and Kia vehicles. She was trying to repair a faulty robot while the robot automatically restarted and pushed her over another machine. That robot caused her serious injuries. Regina died the next morning after this fatal accident.

3. Ana Maria Vital

robots killed people industrial deaths


Ana was 40 years old while she met an accident at Golden State Foods in City of Industry, California. A palletizer robot was the reason for her death, which used to pile boxes on pallets. A box stuck in this robot which Ana was trying to remove by using its cage. That robot caught Ana Maria by considering her a box. It crushed Maria’s Torso and nobody was able to remove Ana from Robot’s grip. She died and become another victim of malfunctioned robots.

4. Unnamed man killed at Volkswagen plant

man killed at Volkswagen plant by killer robot


This accident occurred in Volkswagen’s German plant during 2015. An unknown man was hunted by a robot at that plant. This man was involved in a team which was setting that robot in the plant. That killer robot grabbed this unknown man and pinned him over metal sheets. This incident caused him some serious injuries because of which he died.

5. Wanda Holbrook

faulty robots killed Wanda Holbrook


This incident occurred during 2017. Wanda was a 57-year-old worker at a Michigan based Ventra Ionia Mains Plant. She was a maintenance specialist. A faulty robot had picked a heavy metal part and just dropped it over Wanda. She was killed instantly due to this incident.

6. Kenji Urada

Kenji Urada killed by robotic machines


Kenji was working at Kawazaki Heavy Industries in Akashi, Japan. Urada was the first Japanese man killed by a robotic machine. He was trying to repair the robot while the robot crushed him over another machine. He had died in July 1981.

7. Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown killed in self-driving car accident


The world will remember Joshua Brown as the first human died in a self-driving car accident. This accident took place during May 2016. He was in the Tesla Model S and going through Williston, Florida. The accident took place because the car could not identify an 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

8. Oerlikon GDF-005, South Africa

Death by Industrial Robots - Oerlikon GDF-005


Artificial intelligence and robotic machines are new assets for the militaries across the globe. 9 South African soldiers had lost their lives and over 14 had got brutally injured when Oerlikon GDF-005 had started shooting automatically.





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