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8 Most Wacky Laws Of India! We Bet You Must Have Not Even Heard Of Them!

Published on: 19/01/18 10:42 AM

India is a large country with different kinds of people from different backgrounds. To keep the country running in a good condition, we have to implement some laws. Our Indian Constitution is the largest constitution in the world which consists of laws which the country & citizens have to follow.
The world has many strange things that are quite hard to believe. There’s this strangeness in case of some laws too. Our country has also got some strange and crazy laws that are to be followed. Let’s check out some of them :

1) Feeling to suicide? If you fail, you will be fined or jailed

Crazy Laws in India for Suicide Attempt


This has been a controversial topic since a long time. If there’s some person who wishes to suicide due to any reason then he/she should make sure that he doesn’t make a mistake. According to sources, suicide is legal as stated under Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code. But, if you somehow don’t die and return back alive then you will receive a punishment.

2) Kerala Have Their Own Child Policy

Crazy Laws in India for Child Birth Control


We have heard that the great and developed country China suffers from population problem. So to fix the problem of growing population, they had developed a strict child policy  for the whole country. The interesting fact is that another similar law exists in one of our own state – Kerala. In Kerala, they follow a two-child policy where any parents who have their third child will be fined Rs -10,000.

3) Alcohol Home Delivery!



This is an one of the most weird law of our country. In the capital of India, Delhi, home delivery of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited. Whereas on the other side, you are free to order the branded and popular beer and wines from departmental stores and get it as Home delivery.

4) Want To Become A Motor Vehicle Inspector?



Now there’s this very strange law which allows only people with good and clean teeth to become a Motor Vehicle Inspector. We know this sounds a lot unbelievable but this is followed in Andhra Pradesh. So if you are planning for something similar in Andhra Pradesh then make sure your teeths are in a good condition. 😜

5) Different Drinking Ages In India



India is a country where you have a age for everything. But the thing to notice is that the age numbers differ from parts to  parts of the country. Some states have 25 as the legal age to start consuming alcohol drinks whereas other have 18. On the other side, in some states alcohol drinks are totally banned. People have to visit other cities to satisfy their wants.

6) Found A Rs 100 Note? Report Now!



If you are a lucky guy who tends to find notes lying in public places then you must report that incident to appropriate branch. Under Indian Treasure-trove Act, 1878, any treasure that exceeds the value of Rs 10 has to be straightaway reported. If by chance you avoid doing it and later you get caught then you will be punished for it as it’s an offence! So be careful next time! You never know who’s watching you on the Road!

7) Love To Dance? Then read it carefully



We don’t know where this law originated from but according to Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911, any dance floor should not have more than ten couples on it. Also, for such purposes, you need an advance permission of at least 3 days before from District Magistrate or Commissioner Of Police. So, if you are a couple dancer then make sure you are not breaking the law.

8) Courier Companies Can’t Send Letters!



We ourselves got shocked for the first time hearing such law. We are sure almost everyday the Postman comes to your locality to deliver letters. But we can guarantee that most of you didn’t know about this fun fact : According to, Indian Post Office Act, 1898, only Indian Postal Service are allowed to deliver letters to postal addresses. You may be wondering that then how does Private companies survive? The answer is simple! They send the letters as “documents” instead of letters.


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