Things That Will Keep Your Serious Relationship Intact Together !

Published on: 21/04/18 3:17 PM

Let’s Help You Serve A Relationship Longer and Healthier!

A good relationship needs to be nurtured with love and care. To keep a bond intact its necessary to ensure you don’t commit mistakes and take lessons from your experiences to embrace a longer and healthier relationship.

1-Wake Up A Man In Him

Be the Man's Success
If you are looking for a committed relationship with him that holds genuine feelings to the core. Love doesn’t transform people, it’s a misunderstanding that your love will nurture and transform him. Accepting him with all his flaws will definitely wake up a man in him.

2-Know His Preferences

Know Each Others Preferences

Learn to enjoy his preferences just like you enjoy your hobbies. After knowing his preference try to adopt them and participate with him if possible. Men love it if you accompany them with their hobbies and be an active participant to it.

3-Let Him Feel Wanted

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If you are aiming a future for your serious relationship make him feel wanted. As a relationship without acceptance is of no use. Try to make him feel wanted and not ignored for the flaws he possesses. Everyone is imperfect so deal with it.

4-Don’t Be His Mother

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For every man, his mother is the first person they admire for care. So care if you want but don’t try to replace his mother. Care is another form of expressing love so express it but don’t be his mom.

5-Express Him Your Love

Express Love to keep relation stronger

Try to express him your love and let the relation serve you long. Let him be aware of the deepest feelings you hold for him. Its never too old to speak your heart out.

6-Be Patient

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Men tend to postpone committing to you for a lifetime. But a man who knows your worth won’t shy away from committing to you, once he knows he wont get a girl like you ever again in his life. Because a real man won’t leaves something that he won’t find again. Be irreplaceable kind of a girl that is cannot be easily found.

7-Be His Support System

Each Others Support System

Try to be his support system and uplift him to chase his dreams. Try to be the unconditional support that pushes him to aim his goal. We lose love but never friendship, so try to be his best friend that protects him like a shield.

8-Give Him Space

Give Each Other SpaceSource

Every man wants to be a free bird. So give him space and never imprison his wings with your weight girl. As every person needs that personal space to reconnect to the world. To gain the lost power by reconnecting himself in me time. Don’t drag a conversation when none of you is interested talking as it will make you lose the spark of your relationship. So drop the call and tell them you are in no mood to talk to save a beautiful relation from losing its spark.

9-Make Him Join Your Friends Zone

Friend Zone CommunicationSource

Invite him to join your crazy friend zone and introduce him to your friend circle as well. Let him know what kind of friends you hang out with? what makes you smile? what you aim for a hangout? His acceptance is not necessary as his friends might not like you and vice- versa. All that is needed is to strengthen your bond by accepting the indifferent friend zones you both belong but fill each other’s life like a piece of the puzzle.

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