Aamir Khan’s Alleged Love Child With British Journalist Is Now A Grown Up Model!

Published on: 14/03/18 11:26 PM

Curtain Raises From The Untold Story Of Aamir-Jessica

We all know about the Mr. Perfectionist-Aamir Khan who has raised the bar of acting in the film industry.  Whereas very few people know about Jessica Hines who has been his unknown piece of the puzzle that has a story to reveal. Curious to know what made these two people meet and how did it all started???

Some Things Spark up without Letting you Know


Jessica Hines is a journalist and the best-known author of the autobiography based on Amitabh Bachchan officially named as “Looking for the Big B: Bollywood, Bachchan and Me by Jessica Hines” It was a chirpy morning when Jessica, a journalist entered the sets of Bollywood where Aamir Khan was already shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s movie- “Ghulam” in 2005. Love, at first sight, was first time experienced by our Mr. Perfectionist-Aamir Khan. He fell head over heel for Jessica Hines and was glad to hear the same from her. As a result, they were in a live-in relationship which brought them even closer.

Can love be Brutal enough to end the Spark of a Beautiful Bond
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Soon after being in serious love Jessica discovered that she is pregnant. Jessica was serious for Aamir so he told him this news with eyes speaking for a serious commitment from his side. But Aamir was carefree about hurting her as he was not looking for a serious relationship. He asked her to abort the child or forgo their relationship.

Can Choosing One Get So Difficult

Jessica chooses to forgo their relationship and give birth to their love child whom she later named as “Jaan.” After knowing her decision Aamir left her and abandoned the child from his love and affection. Jessica’s only fault was that she loved a wrong man who lacked the bones to take up the responsibility of his action. He shrugs off his shoulder and never returned back to her.

Your destiny rules your life and same happened with Jessica

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Jessica gave birth to their beautiful son “Jaan” who reimbursed her the love when he was born and treated her the way she should be treated. Soon after this incident, Jessica was called up for an interview with stardust magazine where she was asked about “Jaan” and she didn’t deny to the fact that he was a love child of Aamir and Jessica as Jaan looks like Aamir which makes it evident to believe.

Love child “Jaan” has taken baby steps into modelling

secret affair of Aamir Khan Jessica Hines and Love Child Jaan

Jaan is a happy kid and is a grownup now. He recently made his footprints in the world of modelling. He even got featured in “Vogue UK” in 2012 and is now a media sensation popular for his modelling skills and is a model by profession since 2015.

This Pictures Makes us Believe Alike Ones Exist

Love child of Aamir Khan Jaan looks exactly alike

Jaan’s face spill the beans that he is the love child of Aamir Khan which is the undeniable truth of Jessica’s past which reminds her of the hurtful past.

William’s Is a Businessman who took all liabilities of Jessica
Jessica Hines is happily married and settled

Jessica is a proud mother of a handsome child “Jaan”. Its said true love always finds a way back to you and so did happen to Jessica.  Her love found a way back in her life when she was in India working on Amitabh Bachan’s book, William took care of  “Jaan” when she was engrossed in writing her book.  William was very supportive and protective throughout her journey and was oblivious to Jessica’s past and chose to love her. So after knowing about his feelings, she tied a knot with William Talbot who is a businessman in London. Her love found her way back in her life and made her get over Aamir, finally.

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