Agree Or Not, But We All Have Been Part Of These Awkward Zones Someday…!

Published on: 2/07/18 4:39 PM

What Are Those Awkward Zones We All Have Been Part, Unwillingly?

Some zones make us prone to awkwardness and embarrassment. We all have been stuck with some awkward situation where we wish to be somewhere else and not stuck in that awkward zone.

Left Alone To Deal With Your Friend Of Friend Despite Having Nothing To Talk

That’s the most embarrassing point when our friend leaves us in an uncomfortable place. Because most of us feel very prone talking to a stranger. And if that person is a good friend of our friend then we tend to have that jealousy vibes because we can’t afford to share our friend with anyone else.

Couple Fight


The most embarrassing point is when we are surrounded by couples that are friends with us. Things are okay when they are talking but it gets worse when they start with an argument and you witness it live. It’s the most embarrassing point when a couple starts a fight.

Tummy Makes You Feel Embarred With The Sound It Just Produced In Front Of All


The most embarrassing time is when our stomach doesn’t keep shut about the food we just gulped. And starts making that sound. Making us prone to public embarrassment when we observe the people around you just heard that sound your tummy was excited about producing.

Discussion About Your Career


Parents make you prone to awkward situations sometimes when they start discussing your life with your relatives or even their friends at home. And when you see your parents texting someone for suggestion w.r.t to your life- we literally get uncomfortable. As your relatives tend to interfere the most when it’s about deciding a career stream or about deciding a perfect partner for your marriage. All thanks to them for making us realize that we are now eligible and so we should settle down else we barely noticed at what age we are striking.

When You Get The Joke But Others Don’t 😀


There comes a time when we are so prone to lounging at public places or on serious occasions. People look at us and imagine we are psychic maybe. Because the joke you just got went about their head like a bouncer.

When Your Stomach Is Upset And Their Are People Outside The Restroom Waiting To Annoy You Even More


Come on pal, Don’t feel shy. we all have been stuck at such place someday or other. And the most embarrassing part of being in the washroom for long is you’ll start being joked about taking too long that would make you feel even more embarrassed. And honestly, who likes to be inside for so long until you love being in washroom..!! Some people will make things even more worst by being there and asking you stupid questions. But they won’t help you out.

Stuck Between Drama Creators That Don’t Give Up Being Boring..!!


I wish I was somewhere else and not stuck with such drama creators. As these People don’t let you live nor themselves lead a peaceful life. They’ll annoy you, irritate you but won’t leave you and will deliberately share information with you despite knowing you cant do anything..!! RIP boring drama creators.

Watching Movie With Parents And Suddenly An Adult Scene Peeks In


Ahm Ahm..!! Now, this is the place you get most embarrassed as you have to behave like a good boy or good girl. But only at the point of time you feel the need you had someone but deep down you always wish to be single. I bet girls won’t be doing hand gesture like this as they go shy and so probably they’ll leave the room or start checking Facebook to avoid being in that awkward place.

Looking Beautiful But Tripping In Front Of Everyone Watching You…


Except few most people wish to have all eyes on them. As they want to steal attention but that’s okay to aim one. What goes embarrassing and prone is when you are dressed best and you trip in front of everyone and that gives a point to laugh out loud show.

About To Pay Bills But Realising You Have No Money


Some people would have experienced this awkward zone especially the payers, not the eaters. As there are more eaters as compared to payers. So the lucky person would have experienced this awkward yet new feeling that makes you feel the world can be so cruel.

Attending A Boring Wedding Where You Barely Know Anyone Except Your Parents


When you are attending a wedding with family and realize its the most boring wedding of you have attended so far. And you wish your parents should stop talking to those unknown people and leave ASAP. On the inside you wish to remind them about the mission of attending the wedding was just- “food” nothing else.

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