Amazing! 10 Things You Can Do With Coke (Besides drinking it)

Published on: 12/03/17 9:21 AM

You certainly know Coke as the world's favorite soft drink, but did you know that it can also be useful for all sorts of things you never realized?

1. Jellyfish Stings


It might not be the best remedy (try hydrogen peroxide) but if you’re near a vending machine, Coke will remove the sting.

2. Pest Control


If you spray it around your house, you’ll get flies, but if you put a spritz on plants, you’ll ward off garden pests and let your plants thrive.

3. Remove hair dye


Yup. Spray and leave in DIET Coke and you’ll see the dye come right off. Cheaper than the pro stuff, right?

4. Deodrant


Not for under your arms, but if you touched something smelly and now it’s on your skin, rubbing some Coke on it then rinsing it off will rid you of the smell.

5. Add to Cakes


Yup. A dash or three of Coke in a cake recipe will make for a moister cake, so give it a shot!

6. Toilet Cleaner


Scrubbing dirty toilets is the worst, but if you pour Coke into the bowl and wait an hour, the acid will do most of the work, leaving you with just some light scrubbing.

7. Tenderize Steaks


If you have a tough cut of meat and need to tenderize in a hurry, put a couple tablespoons of Coke in the marinade and the acid will break down the meat and soften it up.

8. Clean Rust


Coke’s acidity helps it strip metals clean, so if you've got something rusty or corroded, drop it in Coke overnight, pull it out, rinse it off, and repeat as necessary until it’s sparkling-clean.

9. Use it to Poison Skunks

Just kidding. But Coke will get the skunk smell off of you if you get hit. Just rub a little on the affected area, then let it sit for fifteen minutes or so. The acids break down the funky smell, and you should be smelling better by the time you rinse it off.

10. Defrost your windshield


Rather than waiting for your car’s heater to do the work, you can clear the ice off by drizzling Coke on the windshield. There won’t be TOO much residue left, but you’ll still want to rub it down with a damp towel before things get too sticky.