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Published on: 22/01/20 8:00 AM

Best Indian Original Series - Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix India


Amazon Prime Video and Netflix India both have locked horns in the battle to become the biggest giant in the OTT services in India, and we aren’t complaining about the bloodshed. Why would we; their combat is ultimately leading to a huge churnout of quality content that is satisfying our hunger. Obviously, we have never had a wider menu to choose from.

But sometimes, this huge spectrum of choices end up confusing us more than providing clarity. It’s a classic “Clothes, clothes, everywhere! And not a dress to wear…” type situation. Each platform is coming up with more and more diverse shows on an entire range of themes and genres, sometimes we can’t make up our minds as to which to choose.

Therefore, we decided to make a ‘this vs. that’ segment, where we will compare certain shows of Netflix with those of Amazon Prime. So let’s get started…

  1. Bard of Blood (Netflix India) vs. The Family Man (Amazon Prime Video)

Bard of Blood (Netflix India) vs. The Family Man (Amazon Prime Video)

If you are in the mood to watch some high adrenaline espionage thriller, you have these two options. Take any parameter, say fresh content, or action, or thrill- The Family Man is way better in every respect. While ‘Bard of Blood’ delivers on the same formula- “a desperate military leader asking for help from a recluse/rogue operative for a dangerous mission” (much similar to the premise of Inspector Gordon asking a retired Batman for help), The Family Man offers a fresh perspective of a spy- showing the other side of his life, his family, his kids, his wife. How a spy juggles his personal household with saving his country.

  1. Sacred Games (Netflix India) vs. Mirzapur (Amazon Prime Video)

Best Indian Web Series : Sacred Games (Netflix India) vs. Mirzapur (Amazon Prime Video)

When it comes to the gangster theme, this time, Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur works with the same tried and tested formula while Netflix’s Sacred Games is something fresh. Mirzapur takes the same old lawless small town of Uttar Pradesh, controlled by the same old businessman-don who has massive territorial issues. It’s the same old story of how a goon tries to hold on to power with his cunning. Although, Sacred Games is also a story of ‘Mumbaiyya Don’, his story is revealed in a flashback. The main story actually revolves around his equation  with the character of Sartaj Singh and how he pushes him.

  1. Delhi Crime (Netflix India) vs. Made in Heaven (Amazon Prime Video)

Best Indian Original Series - Delhi Crime (Netflix India) vs. Made in Heaven (Amazon Prime Video)

Although the themes in both these shows are vastly different, the common element in them is the city of Delhi, and it’s less than moralistic society. If you think that watching Delhi crime will throw a better light on the victim of bus gangrape of December 16, 2012, you’d be wrong. It is more like a bravery award show for the Delhi police. On the other hand, Made in Heaven is a much more nuanced and practical look into the phony upper class elite society of Delhi. Although the topic is much less darker than in Delhi Crime, it is still way better handled when it comes to exposing the less attractive side of Delhi. We’d recommend Made in Heaven.

So, what are you going to binge-watch today?

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