An Army Major Killed Officer’s Wife, On Hearing Her No Against His Obsession About Marrying Her!

Published on: 25/06/18 5:01 PM

What’s Happening In Our Country??

Shailza Dwivedi- a model as well a miss India finalist was married to Amit Dwivedi and was leading a happy married life. Soon in 2015 when he was posted in Nagaland, Major Nikhil Handa and Amit’s wife met each other for the first time. And when the couple moved back to Delhi Major Handa was still in touch with her. As per the reports, its observed that Major was obsessed with Amit Diwedi’s wife and so wanted to marry her despite knowing she is officer’s wife. On sensing his intentions, Amit Diwedi warned Nikhil Handa to stay away from his wife-Shailza. Both of them talked on the phone continuously, though Nikhil used to call her more often as stated by police. Dwivedi has also caught them in a video call as well.

“Amit confronted his Wife Shailza and Nikhil,
also warned him to not come close to his wife
and his house,”
-Said An Officer of the Delhi Police
(During A Press Conference In Evening.)


But it seems like Nikhil didn’t care about the warning given to him by her husband. For him “Getting Married To Amit’s Wife” was his growing obsession that turned out to be a heinous obsession and life-threatening for Shailza.

Shailza Dwivedi had gone to the Army Base Hospital in the Cantonment Area for her Physiotherapy Session.

Soon, Major Handa reached Delhi on Saturday and called her to meet Ms. Shailza Dwivedi. So he picked her and during the drive they broke out with an argument. Handa wanted to convert his obsession about her into marriage and so he pressurized her to get married to him even after knowing she is already married. But Ms. Diwedi denied him on his face and kept her refusal being carefree about the consequences.

Major Handa On Hearing Her Refusal-

“Stabbed her with A Knife…
He pushed her from the car and
Ran Over her body to make it look like an accident,”
– An Officer Said.

The car, the police said, contained evidence – bloodstains, more than one knife. There was a Swiss knife, which has prints all over it, the police said. He tried to clean the car with towels, but there was blood still,

– An Officer Said.

“It looks like he slit her (throat) suddenly,”
-An officer Added Saying.

The last CCTV camera footage captured the outside of the hospital where his wife getting into a Honda City car.

It was discovered she was run over. Police found out that her throat has been slit earlier and the CCTV footage has the car that had only one person.


Major Handa, is currently posted in Nagaland’s Dimapur and was arrested on Sunday on the charge of murder of a fellow officer’s wife. Major Dwivedi revealed about his suspicion of Major Handa when her wife went missing and shared the same with police for investigation. She was murdered bu Handa in a fit of rage as she refused to marry him. And so she was stabbed by a knife, pushed from the car, her throat was slit and was run over by a car, in the Delhi Cantonment area on Saturday.

“We raided many places overnight for Nikhil Handa. We tracked his movement. We found out he went towards Meerut. He resisted a bit when asked to join the investigation,”
-The Police Said.

The police said lately, Major Handa had been out of touch with everyone, including his family. He had even got himself admitted in a hospital “because of migraines”.
Further investigation in the case is on,
-The Police Said.

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