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An Online Fraudster Almost Tricked A Pune Woman Until She Noticed Something Fishy!!

Published on: 25/07/17 11:33 AM

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

Technology and the internet are not only making our life easier but it has also increased the chances of being conned by an online fraudster. While relaxing on the couch using our finger tips we do many major transactions through the internet. In spite various online securities for transactions, these online fraudsters find the new way to con people.

Recently a woman from Pune named Velpuri Pavithra was almost conned by online fraudsters but her quick sense saved her from it. Pavithra shared her heart-wrenching experience in her Facebook post and it will make you think twice before making any online deals.

I urge you to note that this post is NOT against OLX. Nor am I against technology which I use extensively. This is just a word of caution to be careful. I have always had good experiences with OLX in buying stuff.

Pavithra posted an Ad on OLX to sell Desh’s Stroller two months before. But she didn’t find any customer who would ready to pay an amount close to Rs. 3500. After two months she received a got a message on the OLX’s web messenger of a guy asking her if the stroller is still available.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

She responded to the message saying it is still available and surprisingly the guy agreed to buy the stroller in 3500 rupees. Guy called her next morning and introduced himself as Vishal and said he would like to buy the stroller for his sister’s daughter. He asked her if he can pay her online and her sister would pick it from her place next day. Guy asked her to share her account details on Whatsapp.

After sharing account details within 3 minutes she received a message from these 59444( five digits) number saying her account has been credited with Rs. 13,500 instead of Rs. 3500

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

She was confused and asked the guy on Whatsapp about it, where he told her the transaction happened accidentally. he was sending 10K to his mother who is waiting for him in hospital queue to pay the bill.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

Pavithra asked him for his account details to make the transaction on which he insists her if she could transfer through PayTm to his mother’s number.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

On which she agreed and was about to transfer the amount but she sensed something wrong and went to check her account online without trusting on SMS.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

While she talking to customer care, she was continuously receiving messages from the guy Vishal asking her to transfer the amount as it is urgent because his mother is waiting for the money in hospital queue.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

She kept on engaging Vishal (that Con master) by asking him from which bank he transferred her amount. She told him and that she didn’t receive the money yet and it will take 2 hours at least.

Online Fraudsters Tried To Con Pune Woman

She finally got to know that he is not her customer instead of a fraud from whom she was to be tricked. It was hard for her to digest it that how a man can cheat ones in the name of sister, mother, and niece.

After a couple of hours, she received a call from him that she chose to ignore. And sent him a text on Whatsapp saying, ‘I didn’t receive any money in my account. Hope you stop tricking people into traps like these. I really wish you had a sister and you wanted to buy it for her son/daughter. Also, I wish your mother doesn’t fall sick and stand in a hospital queue waiting for 10,000 rupees from you’.

In her Facebook post, she also shared the number from that she used to receive a call and was asked to transfer money.

How much can one misuse technology, stoop to new lows, manipulate your emotions for quick bucks! I really wish he used his intelligence that he invested in creating an account on a portal, making seemingly genuine inquiries, faking bank SMS es, cooking up tales and sharing Paytm details in something else and earned 10 rupees through honesty and hard work.

Find below the WA chat and the SMS I received and share it with friends and family. Hope nobody falls for such frauds. Here are the numbers that I received calls from and was asked to transfer money to.
Call:+91 9967957477
Paytm: +91 8948413565

Click here to read Facebook post of Velpuri Pavithra

However, the here inner urge of something wrong and the presence of mind saved her or else she could have ended up losing her money to this con man. But it is a big lesson and an eye opener for all of us. Hence, before making any online transaction you must verify the details and the credentials. Because you don’t know if you are next on their list!!

Hence, taking a lesson from this incident before making any online transaction verify the details and the credentials. Because you don’t know if you are next on the list!!

Whats going in your mind after reading this story??  Brain fridged!! share your views with us.

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