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Anam Hashim- India’s Youngest Female Stunt Rider

Published on: 29/10/18 11:45 AM

Anam Hashim - Women Stunt Rider

Now, girl power has come to stunt biking also. Anam Hashim is one of the few women stunt bikers in India. At 21, Anam is India’s youngest female stunt biker. Born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Anam is famous for two reasons- being the first woman to ride to Ladakh’s Khardung La on a TVS Scooty Zest as part of the Himalayan Highs initiative by TVS Motor Company and the only Indian Stunt Athlete to win an International stunt competition in 2017.

Hashim rode almost 2100 km all the way from Jammu to Khardung La top, the world’s highest motorable road, on a scooty twice for a TV show. In doing so, she entered the Indian Book of Records as the youngest female rider to scale the Khardung La Pass. She was only 20 years old then.

During her second trip to Khardung La Pass, she was accompanied by 10 other fierce female bikers as a part of TVS Scooty Zest Himalayan Highs Season 2.


 Fully customized for performing the stunts


“It has a straight handlebar, a dented fuel tank, a wheelie bar, a handbrake setup, a larger-than-usual sprocket, and crash-guard to protect it. I’ve also given it a custom airbrushed purple paint job to up the badass quotient. Apart from that, as a rider, I am completely secured while performing stunts. I wear a helmet, an armored jacket, riding pants with knee guards, gloves and ankle-length shoes,” Anam says.

It has been almost three years now and she has become a professional stunt rider.

“Everyone told me stunt riding was a male-dominated profession and it was nearly impossible to convince my parents for stunting. My mother still doesn’t approve of it. But, now when I see myself standing at such great heights, I feel it was all worth it,” she says.

Anam is currently learning the art of dirt biking and plans to perform at international stunt riding championships in the near future.



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