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This April Fools’ Day Some Hilarious Pranks You Must Try On

Published on: 1/04/18 1:29 AM

Today is April Fool’s Day, a day when nobody will get angry if you try a prank to make fun of them. You should be ready with some hilarious pranks that you can play on your buddies, colleagues, family members, and also on your bitter enemies. So, here are some new and amazing ideas that you can try today to have some extraordinary fun.

The grass garden keyboard


It is for those who want to make fun of their office colleagues. Just remove all the keys of your office colleague’s computer keyboard, glue the grass in-between the keys and then reinstall the keys. Let him or her get surprised after seeing what you have done.

Balloon prank


You can try this prank on many people. All you need to do is glue some balloons on the windows and doors of your boss, teacher, or friend’s cabin. It will seem like the whole room is filled with balloons. The suspense will end with a bunch of balloons stuck over the windows and door. It will be heartbreaking for your target, but a huge fun for you and your friends.

Mouse prank


It is one of the most creative, hilarious, and irritating pranks that you can try with anyone who uses the PC. All you need to do is cut a troll face on paper and then glue it to the backside of your friend or enemy’s PC mouse. He will try to move the cursor but it won’t work. You will laugh a lot by seeing them struggling with the mouse.

Turn your car into a driverless car


We are not suggesting you turn your car into an automatic car. All we are suggesting you to create a car-seat type suit, wear it, and then drive your car. People will think that the car is running automatically and they will get amazed. It will be hilarious to see how people react.

The shrimp scent air freshener


All you need to do is buy a shrimp scent from the market, remove its covering and then apply the cover of air freshener. You can leave that improvised air freshener in your boss’s cabin, at home, or anywhere you want. People will spray it and then run away because of the weird shrimp scent.

The Airhorn door wall protector prank

A lot of people have installed the Airhorn in the chairs, but now is the time to try something different. Glue the Airhorn to the wall and let your office colleague, boss, friend, or family member open the door. As the door will touch the Airhorn, it will create a loud sound and your target will get scared. Of course, it will be one of the most jubilant moments of your life.

Many other April Fool pranks are available to try. People already know about those common pranks. Therefore, you should try something different and new this time. So, choose your prank and work on it now.

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