Are You Aware Of Some Habits That Can Affect Your Brain Badly?

Published on: 20/06/18 11:15 AM

Does It Include Mobile Habits As Well??

Sleeping with your mobile is like sleeping to degrade and slow down memory. Your brain gets dull and unproductive with the use of so much technology. To save yourself, stop practicing such a habit. Do you know there are some habits that can affect your health badly? Let’s know what are those habits that are affecting our lives and try to not give up on these habits??

Poor Sleeping Habit


If you don’t take proper sleep, do you know what can happen to your brain? No. You will end up shrinking your brain size that will reduce your capability of thinking. This decline can affect your capability of communicating be it formal or informal. An ability to make decisions is also affected if you don’t take proper sleep.

Covering Head During Sleep

Do you know if you sleep covering your head with a blanket then the amount of oxygen would stop entering your body? Covering your head with a blanket reduces the amount of oxygen from entering your body.

Food Habits

Excess fat in your body makes your body prone to diseases like- risk of a heart problem, hypertension, and diabetes. Studies have shown that a higher risk of shrinking occurs if your brain has higher body mass index (BMI). That can also make you prone to diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s.


Human brain comprises 70 to 80% water that is also responsible for the delivering necessary substances to the brain. So intake of less water can affect your brain functioning. As the brain is highly dependent on water intake.

Sleeping With Mobile

It’s increasing aggressively in youth. Constant use of mobile phones affects your brain cell. Doctors suggest the use of a speaker or a headset should be made limited as it can worsen your brain. Keep your phone away from your pillow during sleep.

Exhausting Reading Habit


dear pal a book is never an enemy but if you involve in excess of reading its definitely bad for your health. So stop practicing the habit of excessive reading as it will affect your health. Reading a page before sleeping is good but totally getting addicted to it is not right.

Diet To Lose Weight

If you are following a strict diet, it’s not only the body that’s losing weight. Research has shown several restrictions on nutrition affect your brain. So practice a habit of eating right not less.

Excessive Sugar Intake

Excessive sugar consumption will end up developing a tumor in your brain and affect the immune system. That can also cause malnutrition and interference with neurological development.

Straining Brain Too Much

A person who takes pride in studying on Sunday is actually stupid. You are actually opening doors to illness if you keep stressing yourself.

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