Arey Khaan toh mai Keh Riyaa tha aao kuch Slang seekhlo. Baad mein bolna mat ki Apun ko bataya nahi

What is up…? What is up…? Dude, mate, bro, buddy… Etc. 

We all greet each other using these words, especially in school, college or office because we have to stay very sophisticated. Quite uninteresting to talk in this way. Right?  And, we are Indians. We all love masala in food, in Bollywood songs and while talking with each other also.

Masala in our chit chat can only be attained if we all incorporate languages and slangs of the street in our daily habit.

Here I have listed 10 of the slang words. Use them and live your life in Jhakaass style.

Toh kya bolte bhai log. Eeshtaart karein.

  1. BAWA

Bawa symbolizes a friend who is being given respect. Now, whenever you ask your friend that Why was he too late, ask him in this way- Arey bawa kahaan reh gaye the yaar.

  1. KARRA


Karra means splendid or outstanding. From now on whenever you see an amazing thing, say a new car, say it like this. Kya karri car hai bawa.


This means somebody who is becoming over smart. If your friend becomes over smart, comment him in a rude way. Kyu bey zada tez chal riya hai?

  1. PILOT


If your friend rides the bike at high speed, then you can taunt him in this manner Abey zada pilot mat bann. Uppar ko nikal lega.


John Abraham ki harkitti body hai bawa. You must have got that what I am trying to say; Yes John Abraham has got huge muscles.


Someone who boasts a lot in front of you, instantly say him, Arey khan zada batole dena band karo yaar.

  1. NASSU

Who is the most alcoholic friend in your group? Name him as Nassu.


Don’t think too much. This slang is commonly used by a bus conductor when he directs the bus driver to haul the bus stop. You can also use this slang when you are directing your friend to park the car.

  1. ROK KE

You and your friend are driving back to your flat and you need to go to a shop which is in the way, you can request him in this manner, Shop par rok ke chalna bawa.


Apun ke boyfriend k sath gulu gulu karengi toh dhoptungi na usko. I am sure you got it!!

So, Bantaai log aise baat karne ka or maze maarne ka