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Buildings Demolished for Asia’s Largest Man-Made Jungle Safari In Naya Raipur

Published on: 22/01/18 11:30 AM

India Has The “Asia’s Largest Man-Made Safari”

Naya Raipur Earns the Badge for promoting Eco-tourism in Chhattisgarh. It hits the list to rank among cities that thought to conserve a wide variety of animals and species.
Let’s Travel this to know what it offers. Excited to know what is special about this? Let’s know some facts about this man-made jungle safari-

1- Area 202 Hectare
Aerial View Jungle Safari in Naya Raipur
It’s spread over 202 hectares of Chhattisgarh.

2- Four Safari –This Zone has Herbivore Safari, Bear Safari, Tiger Safari and Lion Safari. It’s First City in India that made a kingdom for Plants and Animals.

3- Green Cover Oxy-Zone is used for Green Cover that covers 19 Acres of land.
Oxy Zone Naya Raipur Tourism Jungle Safari

4- Demonizing 70 Buildings-
Tiger Safari Naya Raipur Chattisgarh
To establish this man-made jungle demolishing of 70 Odd government buildings was done.

5- Rupees Spend-
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates jungle safari naya raipur

Approximately 1000 Crore has been spent to make this Jungle Safari.

6- Variety of Flowers-
Botanical Gardens - Jungle Safari in Naya Raipur
If you love the variety of flowers you must visit here at least once. It has Variety of over 3000 flowers.

Prime Minister Modi trip junge safari naya raipur

It was inaugurated by PM-Narendra Modi in 2016 at Chattisgarh. The picture was captured when PM-Modi went on a round of jungle safari.

8-Potassium water
Potassium Water - Wildlife Sari Attraction Naya Raipur India

To disinfect the tires, potassium water is used which is not really visible but is actually used to protect animals from getting harmed during a visit.

9-Conservation of Animals/plants-
Wildlife Safari at New Raipur Chattisgarh

It aims for the conservation of animals and plants and to make air free from pollution.

10- Situated
Jungle Safari Naya Raipur - Tiger Reserve

You might have seen animals caged in jungles but now it’s time to reverse places and experience how it feels like being caged?
Its situated at the heart of Chhattisgarh which will be reachable to visitors.

Why a visit awaits you to Chhattisgarh
The reason behind this visit is to see the man-made Micro Forest having oxy-zone that will improve the Air Index of Chhattisgarh and will promote Eco-Tourism to Naya Raipur.
The Genius Behind this Innovative Idea who thought of making this heaven for animals and plants is an idea of an IAS office of RaipurArun Tiwari (Assistant Director- Jungle Safari)  Objective of Arun Tiwari behind this Man-made jungle is –“To give people a message that for him Animals and Plants rank above sky-high Buildings.”
Also, check Out this Amazing Video and I bet you can’t resist visiting this Kingdom of Animals and plants.

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