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What Are Those Astonishing Facts About Human Body?

Published on: 8/08/18 1:00 PM

Do You Know What Is So Special
About Human Body?

Most of us are unaware of the god’s creation and some have even taken it for granted, yes we are talking about “the human body“. That has many undercover facts that were never shared before. But its time to reveal those astonishing facts to know what are those things that make humans special.

When You Cry


To know whether a person is in pain is easy. All you need to know is about the first tear that fall when you cry. If the first tear comes from the left eye means the person is in pain. But if it comes from the right eye it means happiness.

Scents And Nose


Do you know this astonishing fact that a person can remember up to 50,000 variety of fragrance and can easily identify if smelled again?

Hear Your Own Voice


If a person is eager to know how their voice sound to other can hear it easily. All you need to do is cover your left ear and speak to know how your voice sounds to others.

Ears And Nose


Do you know a human ear and nose never stops growing? Yes, science says it never stops. So we have more cartilage growth in ears and nose.

Pinky Finger Is Special

Pinky Finger Human Body Trivia

Are you aware of the power of our fingers? No. You’ll be astonished knowing that without your little finger, you will lose 50% strength of your hand. So never underestimate the power of pinky finger.

Height Increases At Night


Do you know a person’s height increases at night when they sleep? Some would have never thought about it. Every person has its own body clock that defines the amount of sleep you need.
Sleeping with a correct posture at night can help you lengthen your spine and increase height.
While sleeping in the wrong posture can give you strain in your neck, shoulder as well as the back.

Emotions Also Harm


A person can also be affected by the emotions as they too harm a person. Anger weakens your liver, grief weakens your lungs and worrying weakens your stomach. Stress weakens your brain and heart, while fear weakens your kidney. That was all folks, hope you liked it.

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