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Astonishing Inventions Inspired By Sci-Fi Movies

Published on: 3/05/18 3:29 PM

Millions of people like and watch the Sci-Fi movies. These are the movies that take us to a new world. The characters in these movies use a variety of equipment which does not exist in the real world. Avengers: Infinity War is the latest Sci-Fi action movie. Flying spaceships, pioneering artificial assistant, high tech weapons, and action make this movie a great treat for the Avengers franchise fans.

Most of the people see Sci-Fi movies just for entertainment. They do not care about how to build a J.A.R.V.I.S. like AI assistance in the real world. Only a few people with great curiosity about the science and Sci-Fi machines dream to make those Sci-Fi products a reality. Today we are going to share some of such inventions inspired by Sci-Fi movies and Sci-Fi novels. Those inventions are as follows:


Jules Verne was a famous novelist. He inspired many generations to invent impossible looking things. Verne was expert in writing Sci-Fi novels. He had written many novels. The “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” was a special one among all. That novel had inspired Simon Lake to invent the submarine. He was inspired by Jules Verne’s idea of electricity-powered Nautilus ship.


Everybody knows what the GPS (Global positioning system) is. We all have the GPS on our Smartphones. The idea of Global Positioning System was first introduced in the Star Trek movie. The Americans decided to build the GPS system like the Star Trek movie. NASA had launched 27 satellites to test the system and it worked. The GPS system is quite advanced in comparison to the initial GPS.

Cell Phones

The Star Trek series is responsible for many modern inventions. There were only three seasons of this series, but still, it was a huge success. The characters in the Star Trek used to talk on the communicator. It was a device like modern cell phones. Martin Cooper, the inventor of cell phones, had credited Star Trek movie for his invention.

Cleaning Robots

Some people may ask what is so special about the cleaning robot. This type of cleaning machine is already available in the market now. Well, it is about imagining that one day the cleaning machines will automatically clean the houses and working areas. The robotic vacuum is based on what The Jetsons had introduced during 1987.

Diagnostic Bed

It may seem a bit frustrating to meet the doctor time and again to diagnose the disease or how the recovery is taking place. Many people might not like to visit the hospitals because of their illness. You might wonder like the life would be much easier if you could have the  Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy’s diagnostic sickbay bed. You can feel happy because the diagnostic beds are real now. A British Hospital is already using it to help the patients in recovering quickly.

Universal Translator

You may not believe it that was the first to introduce the idea of Murray Leinster in his novel “First Contact”. A similar device used by Star Trek characters in the movie. The universal translator is a normal product for us today. You can get many apps to translate any language you want. These apps and devices are highly similar to what the novelists and directors had visioned years ago.

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