Kaku Says We’ll Colonize Mars!! What Other Futurists Predict About The Future?

Published on: 25/04/18 11:30 AM

Future Technologies and Futurist Predictions 2018World’s leading theoretical physicists, tech experts, healthcare experts, and the scientists have time and again predicted about the future. They believe the revolutionary inventions in the technical and healthcare sector will change the world we know today.

Futurists like Dr. Michio Kaku have made many astonishing predictions about the future of the mankind and technology. Even one of the leading cosmologists Stephen Hawking used to explain that how our world will take shape in the future and what we must invent to survive in the cosmos.

Technologies shown in the Sci-Fi movies will come true one day. The leading scientists and tech experts are working hard to make those dreams come true. It is not about the movies though. We are here to discuss the most astounding predictions made by the most reliable dreamers about the future technology. This world will get changed for good if these predictions come true.

Dr. George Church “Exceptional leaps in synthetic biology”

Dr. George Church - Synthetic BiologySource

Dr. George Church is the professor of genetics at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has also authored a book named as “Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves”. Dr. George firmly believes people would slump the million-fold affordable personal genomes. He predicted that the diagnostic costs will go down because we are going to have some awesome software in the future. According to him, we will succeed in developing cells which will be immune to all the bacteria and viruses. It would be just like a miracle if Dr. Church’s predictions come true.

Brian David Johnson “zero size computer brains”

Zero Size Computer Brain future technology - Brian David JohnsonSource

Today’s computers are very small in comparison to the first 1,800 square feet computer of 1946. People would have laughed if someone had told them like “one day every person will carry a computer in his hands”. The technological advancement made it possible and now you can hope to see some revolutionary changes in the future.

Futurist Brian David Johnson predicts that the future computers will get much smaller. The computer chips will quickly reduce in size. Only five atoms would be enough to power those chips and Intel’s co-founder Gordon E. Moore also agrees with this claim.

Michio Kaku “the Red Planet will be our new home”

Colonized Mars - Michio Kaku PredictionsSource

Known to make some bizarre but amazing predictions, Dr. Michio Kaku believes that humans beings will soon colonize the Mars and other planets. He firmly believes the search for the most affordable fuel and machines have begun. Even the agencies like SpaceX and NASA are constantly trying to develop new technologies that can turn Mars’s return trip into an affordable trip.

Dr. Ray Kurzweil “the reprogrammed stem cells will repair damaged organs”

Stem Cells Evolutions Dr. Ray Kurzweil predictionSource

Dr. Kurzweil is a pioneering scientist and the director of engineering at Google. He predictions are regarding the 3D printing and healthcare technology of the future.

He believes that the 3D printers will offer the most cost-effective 3D printing of clothing by 2025. he also believes that the patient’s DNA will be used with the modified stem cells to offer an affluent supply of organs. Any damaged body part would be repaired easily and therefore every human can dream to live much longer.

Dr. James Canton “there will be an AI economy”

AI economy prdeictions Dr. James CantonSource

Dr. James Canton, the CEO of Institute for Global Futures, foreshows that artificial intelligence will soon get smarter than the human beings. It will get advanced enough to improve the capabilities of the humans, robots, and the machines. The AI enabled hospitals, robots, and homes are more likely to form the AI economy. The humans will merge with robots to treat the patients suffering from the most dangerous diseases.

Dr. Anne Lise Kjaer “M-Health will revolutionize the healthcare sector”

Anne Lise Kjaer futurist healthcare predictionsSource

Dr. Kjaer has founded Kjaer Global, a UK based trend forecasting agency. She believes that by 2020 most of the patients will choose M-Health to treat diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. The doctors will consult the patients over mobile devices. They will offer personal monitoring facility over the mobile devices. It will assure the patients that they are constantly under the care of the most reliable people in the world.

The futurists have made many other predictions from human reincarnation to nanobots controlling human brains. Some of these predictions seem frightening because movies like Terminator show the dark side of the technology. Do not worry about such fears because the humans will always be piloting the changes in the future. We will grow to reach new worlds and live a much better life.



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