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What is Augmented Reality and How It Can Benefit Your Business?

Published on: 1/05/18 3:16 PM

Augmented Reality

The Iron Man is a great movie. It shows how smart Tony Stark is and how uses the cutting-edge technology to save the world. Mr. Stark is great and his virtual assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. is even better. You might remember some scenes in from the movie in which Tony Stark produces holographic projections of different objects. That is called Augmented Reality.

Though Mr. Stark is a virtual character and Iron Man does not exist, the Augmented Reality exists. What Robert Downey Jr. was doing in the movie, it is also possible in reality. The AR is simply the improved representation of reality. Augmented Reality uses the natural world objects and manipulates them to meet the user’s demands. It is currently possible to get an augmented view of the real world through our smartphone cameras. Soon there will be glasses or AR headsets that will provide a better view of the whole world. Essentially, you will get glasses with AI support that will constantly supply information on people, places, products, and foods.

So, the Augmented Reality is gonna change our reality very soon. The business organizations would like to use this new technology to improve their sales and profit. The AR technology can help businesses in generating much larger profit. Let’s find out which type of business organizations can benefit from the AR technology.

1. Education and Training Industry

Schools and colleges would love to invest their money in an AR technology-enabled application. This technology can thoroughly revamp the teaching and learning process. The students will get unique intelligence and reasoning blended in the natural things. It means the virtual objects will appear in front of the students. They can see these objects, assemble or disassemble them, and feel these things as real-life products.

The medical students would never make a mistake of injuring a patient if practicing the surgery. The pilots, engineers, doctors, management students, and students from other fields can quickly grab the knowledge if served with the help of the AR technology.

2. Travel Industry

How about visiting a place virtually before you decide to spend your holiday there? Yes, it is quite exciting. You can save a lot of money. You will feel satisfied with services offered by the travel agency and accommodation service. The Augmented Reality can provide a virtual trip to the hotels and tourist locations. They can use the AR applications to prove why their services are better.

Use of Augmented Reality in Travel Industry


Augmented Reality is something new for many people. If the hotel management offering the virtual trip of every available room, the visitor would face no troubles in choosing the right one. Consequently, the hotels can get more clients. The travel industry will find AR pretty cool for their needs because it will work to lure more tourists.

3. Entertainment Industry

There is no doubt that augmented reality will benefit the gaming and entertainment industry a lot. You might remember how Pokemon go took the gaming market by storm. Millions of people downloaded this game to catch the virtual Pokemon running in front of their screen.

Many video game and smartphone game developers must be working to use AR in their games. Now just wait and watch how the gaming industry improves all the upcoming products by using the VR and AR technologies. You can also get better movies, TV shows, and other mediums of entertainment in the future. Augmented reality and VR technology will make these things better for us.

4. Healthcare and Fitness Industry

The medical students find it a bit difficult to learn how to become specialized surgeons. It can be dangerous to perform a clinical procedure on a patient, especially if he/she is suffering from a severe disease. The interns can take the support of the AR technology in the future to do surgical experiments without hurting the patients.

Augmented reality will surprise the fitness enthusiasts. Your favorite fitness trainer might not be free to offer personal training. However, he can reach you with the help of AR technology. It would be like watching the videos but much more realistic. It will encourage you to try harder to maintain your fitness.

5. Automobile Industry

Augmented Reality benefits Automobile Industry


The automobile designers would love to use augmented reality for designing new vehicles. It will prevent their company’s money from producing prototypes to assess the quality of the design. Companies like Ford, Ferrari, Tata might soon start using the AR-powered models to evaluate the designs for their upcoming cars.

It is just the beginning. Augmented reality has the potential of changing everything we do today. The above listed five industries will experience a huge profit. It will encourage other industries to find the ways of implementing the AR technology-based solutions to impress the clients.