Avengers: Infinity War Has Broken All The Previous Records By Gaining A Marvelous Box Office Collection

Published on: 29/04/18 11:03 AM

Avengers: Infinity War is the third installment of Marvel Studio’s “Avengers” movie franchise. It is the 19th movie produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe. There were some concerns regarding the performance of Avengers: Infinity War on the box office. There are too many superheroes like DC’s Justice League. That movie didn’t meet the audience’s demands. People are now expecting something better from Avengers. It seems like Avengers didn’t disappoint the fans.

Too many superheroes and too many fights make it difficult to create a movie with an engaging plot. It seems like Anthony Russo and Joe Russo(the directors) have done a miracle. The Infinity War has broken all the First Day Box Office Collection Records in India.

Grossed 30.50 crores on the first day

The Sci-Fi Hollywood action movies always fascinate the young Indian audience. Some other movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, X-Men, Batman, Ironman, Superman, Captain America, etc. have got a huge response from the Indian audience. The first-day success of Avengers: Infinity War is really astonishing. The reason is its release at the mid of IPL 2018 season.


It is the time when no Bollywood actor and director dares to release a film. Every citizen in this country loves watching cricket and IPL is like a two-month festival that engages the whole population of India. It is quite unlikely for any movie to get a great start during this time. Most of the target audience remains busy with the IPL matches. That did not happen on 27th April, whether it be DD VS KKR.

Grossed 30-31 Crores on the 2nd day in India

Though it was the weekend, such a high grossing was a bit vague. The two arch-rivals in the IPL “Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians” were colliding for the 2nd time in a weekend special match. Anybody could have predicted that Avengers: Infinity War’s collection will go down. That did not happen and this movie grossed over 30 Crores again. It is a humongous collection on the 2nd day. This movie is performing incredibly well and Sunday would also be a big day for Robert Downey Jr.’s Sci-Fi action movie.

Why is Avengers outperforming many Bollywood releases of 2018?

The Indian audience has proved again, it likes Sci-Fi Hollywood movies more. People want to see action coupled with an impressive plot and top quality visual effects. Only a few Indian movies like Bahubali, Robot, and Krish offered a great blend of Sci-Fi, quality visuals, and story. The Infinity War has everything that people wanted to see. Probably, that’s why it is outperforming many Indian movies.


Avengers 3 has got only 2000 screens in India. This movie still grossed more than Amir Khan’s Dangal (4000 screens) and Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai (4000 screens). We presume that Avengers’ 2nd-day collection is larger than Tiger Zinda Hai because the early estimates show it has grossed over 30 Crores on the 2nd-day.

Avengers: Infinity War has got a great start on Friday. It grossed over 30 Crores on this Saturday. This movie can break many records on this Sunday. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has got a huge fan base in India. All the Avenger movie fans would visit the nearest theater to watch this movie and witness the fate of Avengers.


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