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Bengaluru To launch The First Indian helicopter Taxi Service

Published on: 9/08/17 1:59 PM

Yes, it is true and the city of Bengaluru is widely developing in all the perspectives together. Bengaluru is now all set to have a helicopter taxi service.

Yes, it is true and the city of Bengaluru is widely developing in all the perspectives together. Bengaluru is now all set to have a helicopter taxi service. The newly launched Program Heli Taxi Service will make its way between the electronic city of Bengaluru to Kempegowda International Airport. It is estimated that the whole operation will now be inaugurating within 3 months from now. Operated by the Thumby Aviation Private Limited, everyone is hoping this probe to be a success. 


According to some revealed sources, the TAPL is planning to start off the services with a Bell 412 helicopter and having a capacity of almost 13 passengers. Also, the 412 is likely to be joined with a Bell 407 helicopter which has a seating capacity of almost 5 passengers. Presently, the company is making way for the regulatory approvals to get this procedure undergoing. 


The sudden announcement of the launch of Heli Taxi Service was made by Jayant Sinha, Ministry of State for Civil Aviation on 4th August 2017. With the fair and official announcement, the Minister claimed that the service will make sure that the commuters between the two destinations are able to travel quickly and as a cost which is similar to a luxury taxi service. Apart from the services of carrying passengers, the Heli Taxis can also be used for medical evacuations which might lead the best way possible. 


The Luxury taxis from the electronic city to KIA almost charge upto Rs. 3000. Just because of the higher margin of traffic on the route to KIA, the time taken to cover 55 Km of the journey is nearly 2-3 hours. Now the most important part of all is that the distance takes up only 15 minutes to cover up. This would help the people to reach their destination faster. 


A survey has revealed that there are almost 60000 people who travel to KIA almost every day. This almost owns to such a heavy footfall at the International Airport. Out of all the people who travel, if there are even 70-80 people who would travel using the service of Heli taxi would indeed be a good start. It is planned that the air shuttle service might be extended to the White Field and HAL Airport of Bengaluru! Also, more choppers are likely to be added.


According to the Reports the Union Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha said:

"The city of Sao Paulo in Brazil is as big as Bengaluru, but they operate about 300 helicopters. We want to have efficient seamless transfers at affordable costs from the airport to the city’s business hubs like Electronic City, which on road takes about two-and-a-half hours, this travel time can be reduced to about 10-15 minutes."

He also added by saying:

"The south Indian city of Bengaluru presently has 90 rooftop helipads, whereas, only one of them, which is located at the ITC Royal Gardenia on Residency Road has operational clearance from civil aviation regulatory authorities. The government aims to make other helipads in the city operational. The government is also considering the creation of a heliport at Electronics City."

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