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Published on: 8/04/20 12:00 PM

When it comes to romance, drama, social responsibility, song or dance, Bollywood is unbeatable. But alas, when it comes to Horror, Bollywood is grossly incompetent. Bollywood horror movies are sad, badly executed, use too much makeup- basically it is everything but scary.

While there are literally hundreds of good horror movies in Hollywood (good as in really scary), Bollywood filmmakers resort to simply copy-pasting those really good movies on Indian screens for a quick buck.

PICS of copied films

What they don’t realize is instead of copy-pasting concepts from foreign movies, they can derive stories from the strata of Indian society, which can actually serve as a treasure trove of horror content. This is something that some Bollywood filmmakers have tried their hands on, many of them succeeding even.

Let’s take a look at some really good Bollywood films that had a really good narrative and actually horrifying jumpscares or effects.

#1. Vaastu shastra

Vaastu Shastra - Hindi Horror Movies- Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

Vaastu Shastra was the first Bollywood film that made us realize what fear is….the film revolves around a family who move into a bungalow in the outskirts of the city and fall prey to the many ghosts who live there.

#2. Tumbbad

 Tumbbad- Hindi Horror Movies -Horror Genre Bollywood

Tumbbad is the first film that we Indians can proudly recommend to a foreign friend, and claim it as our own.Its  story of a greedy merchant who exploits an ancient cursed deity to fulfill his ever growing greed.

#3. Ragini MMS

Ragini MMS - Scary Movies to Watch - Hindi Horror Movies

A young couple realize that the old mansion that they have chosen as the spot for their romantic weekend getaway is actually inhabited by a witch. Even though the narrative structure is borrowed heavily from the Paranormal Activity movies, the premise that involves the use of the Marathi language is worth a watch.

#4. 1920

1920 Movie - Hindi Horror Movies - Indian Horror Films

1920’s scare tactics are completely copied from The Exorcist. If you haven’t watched the latter, then we definitely recommend 1920. This movie has a lot to offer- good narrative, storyline, buildup, effects. Although the actual exorcism scene of this movie may be a bit hard to digest.

#5. Bhoot

Bhoot Movie - Ram Gopal Verma Movie - Scary Movies to Watch

One of Ram Gopal Varma creations which worked; this movie was way ahead of its time in terms of its amalgamation of horror and psychological elements, even though the plot is the same old formula- new people moving into a haunted home.

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