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Best ‘Desi’est tweets by funny Indians ever…

Published on: 12/11/19 10:37 AM

funny indian tweets 2019-2020

If on reading these desi tweets, you merely feel the need to smirk or smile slightly, then you are probably the indian westernized, urban elite who probably follow the American pop culture, and as a result have a dry, sophisticated sense of humor. And we judge you. Hard!

But if you are one of those people who laugh their asses off at these funny tweets, it can be adequately assumed that you are a typical Desi, with the ‘Desi’est sense of humour ever. You may have studied in a convent school, and spoken in English in every class, but came down to good old Hindi the moment teacher left the class.

So who are you: the sophisticated, privileged type, or the Desi Indian type? Read these and find out:

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