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Best Kite Flying Festival Celebrated With Pomp And Show Around The Globe

Published on: 15/01/18 11:47 AM

1. Bali Kite Festival



Bali Kite Festival happens with the start of winds. It is a gesture to thank god for abundant crops and harvests. It’s celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by people of Bali.
Kite Size- Large and unique shape
Month/Date– Between July-August (sometimes in October)
Place-East cost of Padanggalak, (North of sanur)

 2. Hamamatsu Kite Festival



Its Japanese kite festival where kites battle with wind. It is celebrated to let live success and prosperity in life.
Kite Size- Large in size
Month/Date3 to 5 May 2018
Place- HamamatsuShizuoka Prefecture, Japan

3. Weifang International Kite Festival



Its Annual kite flying festival of china. Weifang is considered birthplace of kites popularly known as kite capital in the world. Most amazing handcrafted kites can be found here. With the hit of spring season, people in the city fly kites as a leisure outdoor activity.
Kite Size-Usually Large in size
Month/Date– Between 20-25 April
Place- Weifang, Shandong, and China

4. Jakarta Kite Festival, Indonesia



Its popular for its Huge Sized Dragon Kites that can be seen in the sky of Jakarta, which attracts many spectators. Its famous and oldest festivals of Indonesia.
Kite Size-Both Small and Big
Month/Date July every year (2 days festival)
Place Padanggalak Beach, Sanur Bali

5. International Kite Festival of India


Flying kites is one of the most popular sports for the people of India since decades. It symbolizes the end of winter season named as Makar Sankranti. It embarks the day when sun transit into the Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of winter and beginning of longer days.
Kite Size- Different Shapes and colorful
Month/Date-14th January every year (its 3 days celebration)
Festivities linked with Makar Sankranti is known with different names in different states, such as-Lohri by SikhsSukarat in central India, Bhogali Bihu by Assamese Hindus, and Makar Sankranti by North Indian Hindus, Uttarayan in Gujarat and Pongal by Tamil and other South Indian Hindus.
Place- International Kite Event takes place in Ahmedabad (Kite capital of Gujarat).
Therefore it accommodates visitors from international destinations to Ahmedabad, for next 3 days. However its celebrated in many cities  like- Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Hyderabad, and Nadiad.

6. Washington State International Kite Festival

Washington State International Kite Festival


Its voted “Best kite festival” in the world by Kite Trade Association International and so is the most popular Kite flying event of North America. Spectators join to enjoy the colorful sky filled with kites.
Kite Size- Different shape, cuts, design, etc. 
Month/Date– It occurs 3rd week of August every year (from Monday-Sunday)
Place- Washington State coast near Long Beach Washington

7. Netherlands Kite Festival



This is sure to surprise you with the kite size and shapes used. Twenty countries send their masterpieces to the clouds. More than 200 kites-flew last year by enthusiasts from five continents. It most promising sight to visitors.
Kite Size-All Extreme Shaped kites in exciting colors like-Winnie the pooh, etc
Date/Month– At the end of September
Place-Scheveningen Boulevard, Scheveningen

8. Kirra Kite festival



Trip awaits you to Australia. P.S-You can’t believe us??? Then you should attend this Kirra Kite festival at Australia. It takes place in calm weather inducing festive vibes to its visitors. City looks incredible with kites covering the sky. It’s not a kite training class but appears to be one due to the number of kites.
Kite Size-All Shapes and sizes
PlaceGold Coast, Australia