Beware To Not Marry A Man With These 10 Habits !

Published on: 19/04/18 12:43 PM

It is quite tough to find a right person with whom you can happily spend the rest of your life. You can meet many men with both good and bad habits. Some men consider marriage as a turning point in their life. They decide to leave all the bad habits behind and start a new life. You are lucky if you get such a man as the life partner. If you are still looking for your prince charming, beware of men with below listed 10 bad habits. Anyone with these 10 bad habits can never be a great husband. So, let’s explore those bad habits now.

1. Cheap Mentality

men with cheap mentality are to be avoided as groomsSource

A man with cheap mentality can never be a good life-partner. He will always resist you from trying new things. His behavior will be too possessive and that will become a big reason for the discord in your life. So, it is better to search someone broad-minded who can understand your feelings.

2. Habitual of Making Excuses

making excuses - bad habits in men who you should avoid marryingSource

A man who makes a lot of excuses can be a big liar. This type of men always let their partners down and put a new excuse to cover some illicit activities. Get married to such a man only when you have no issues with the lies and excuses.

3. Ignorant Behavior

your soulmate shouldn't ignore youSource

How would you feel when your husband will ignore you and get busy on his mobile or laptop 24-7? It will seem like you are just a lifeless object about which nobody cares at all. Do not let this happen to you. It shouldn’t be too tough to find someone who can pay his complete attention to you while you are together.

4. Non-Committing Attitude


Some promises are made just to make her feel special. Though, it does not mean that men are meant to forget all those small things that you like. A man who frequently gets late and breaks promises can never be an ideal choice. Such kind of men care only about their choices and pleasure. So, stay away from such men.

5. Disrespecting Women

don't marry men who disrespect womenSource

Some men respect nobody. They find it entertaining to argue, abuse, and fight with the women. You should never dare to marry such a man because he will turn your life into hell. No woman can survive with such men because of their violent behavior. That’s why they get divorced within a few years after getting married.

6. Dictating Behavior

avoid getting married to men who has dictating behaviourSource

The girls and women are entitled to have their own opinions and nobody can dictate them what is right or wrong for them? A man who is dominating would never let you do what you like doing. So, it is better to stay away from such men and never think of having them as your life partner. You will never get an opportunity of chasing your dreams if you marry a dictator.

7. Fiction Monger



Psychology has proven men lie more than women. So it’s easy for a man to give 100 lies to hides his fault and end up boosting his ego. Your life could turn into a nightmare when you see those promises were never to happen in reality. Avoid the fiction mongers and choose a man who is not afraid of accepting his mistakes and telling you the truth bluntly on your face.

8. Interfering

interfering nature - bad habits in men that ruin marriageSource

It is very difficult to survive with a man who is habitual of poking nose in other’s life. You cannot please such men and satisfy their needs because of their provocative nature. It is not tough to identify such individuals because they do not take a long time to show their true colors. They will do something or ask something that you dislike or hate answering. Beware and reject such kind of man before its too late.

9. Unhealthy Hygiene

unhealthy hygiene - habits in men that ruin marriageSource

Healthy people cannot imagine themselves surviving with an unhealthy person who is lazy and does not care about his hygiene. Even some of the busiest men in the world understand the value of maintaining a hygiene, cleanliness and embracing a healthy life. It can be a tough experience for you to get engaged with a bad odor man.

10. Running Nature


There are some individuals who do not care about their job, business, relations, and also about their life. They always run away from their responsibilities. Such people create their own storm and then behave as cry babies. Even if things are perfect in person, they tend to run back to their past and end up ruining their future with their own hands. So a person that runs on taking up the responsibility for their actions is a big no. These man aim success without struggle and that shows an immature and impractical nature. So they can never be the one you decide to spend the rest of your life.

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