Bhopal- A One Stop Destination For Tourism In India!

Published on: 24/08/18 1:19 PM

BhopalThe City Of Lakes

Bhopal city is known for the balance of equal rights since earlier timers. As the city boast of a long list of begums ruled Bhopal, generation after generation without a fail. It started with Qasida Begum who took the throne after her husband’s assassination in 1819. So, Bhopal is also known for being ruled by queens, as the maximum ruling timespan was of the queen. The total area covered by this city is about 549 sq. kilometers. And to a surprise, Bhopal is built on an elevation of about 427m, above sea level. Bhopal was the last regions that decided to sign the treaty and become a part of independent India.

Bhopal is the most beautiful city of India. It’s a famed destination popular among visitors as a tourist destination. Madhya Pradesh – The Heart of Incredible India is popular for it owns interesting places that draw a lot of tourists throughout the year and Bhopal is the center capital seeking attention. So let’s begin knowing about those places that are a tourist attraction.

Reasons to Visit Bhopal?

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