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Bizarre And Funny Rituals in Festivals of India’s Central Belt

Published on: 29/01/20 8:22 AM

Funny Wedding rituals and Ceremonies from Central Part of India

India is a land of strange customs and rituals. But the weirdness breaks all boundaries when the central states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Read on to find out some such bizarre festivals, particularly originating from the central belt of India.


Bhagoria - Tinder for Local Folks of India

Bhagoria is an interactive festival primarily in Jhabua, Dhar, Alirajpur and Khargone. This festival is celebrated as fairs in these places, and marks the end of harvesting season. The bizarre ritual about this festival is in these fairs, you can see beautifully adorned girls and boys on the prowl.

Yes, this ritual is like the tinder of local folks. In this fair, boys and girls openly woo each other. What’s more, if a boy likes a particular girl, he can smear colors on the face of the girl. If the girl gives a paan to the boy, it indicates that she likes the boy back.


Godna Ritual India - tattooed with a special tribal pattern

Another interesting ritual that is common in the states of MP and Chhattisgarh, especially the tribal communities. This ritual is celebrated during the birth of a newborn.

In this ritual, a newborn baby is tattooed with a special tribal pattern. The tattooing is done by a special kind of equipment.


Another ritual brought to you by the local people of Madhya Pradesh. This ritual is done at the end of wedding ceremonies. When the groom’s party (Baaraat) goes for the wedding to the bride’s, the women from the groom’s side (in their tradition, women from the groom’s party are not supposed to go with the baaraat), start abusing horrendously. They hurl insults to no one in particular, and they do it in a sing-song kind of way.

Yes, these may sound bizarre. They may raise your eyebrows. But they are entertaining AF.

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