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Bizarre things that you can actually buy online

Published on: 24/01/20 8:26 AM

strange things that you can buy online

Personally, I love online shopping. It has been a savior, truly. More so when I think of the time when I had to spend nearly 5 hours every weekend for shopping, and severely groaned on remembering that I had forgotten something or the other. It has saved me a lot of time on home or grocery shopping.

But one of the best things about online shopping is the elimination of strategy. Every week, I had to list down everything that I had to buy, and then categorize those things into sections like groceries, gadgets, pets, office supplies, books, furnishings, etc. after that came mapping. I had to map out the stores for each category of stuff.

And god forbid if a store ran out of certain things….That’s a whole other war.

With online shopping, I don’t have to worry about any of the stuff, yeah, not even the listing. My Smartphone is always with me. The moment I remember something that I have to buy, I take my phone, search for it on any online shopping app, add the one that I want amongst the options, and simply add it to cart. If there are too many options and I don’t have the time to shortlist one, I simply close the app. On Friday evening,  which is my standard time to get the shopping done, I simply go to the search history of the app (thank God for Technology) and then start shopping in my free time. Thank god for search history I never forget a single thing.

In the course of one such at-home shopping fiesta, I came across the most horrifying object.

Strangest things you can buy online

For a minute, I could not understand why on earth would a sane person ever need that. After I had a moment to calm down, I realized, that this was probably a gag item for tricking people. It is, in fact, a market for insane people.

And that got me thinking, what other gut-wrenching stuff is out there that can get us horrified immediately. Not many truly horrifying things are online, but there are definitely insanely bizarre things online. That can actually be bought. Take a look.

  1. Grass slippers

bizzare things you can buy online

Tell you what, this is real creativity. I have always liked walking bare feet in lush grass, where I could plant my feet, close my eyes and pretend I have a huge estate somewhere in the countryside. Well, if you’re pretending, this is actually a better way to do it.

  1. Dollar print toilet paper

Dollar print toilet paper - Strangest Luxury Thing that you can buy online

There is something about the dollar bill. It too gives a false sense of luxury. And if you use them as toilet paper, luxury increases manifold.

  1. Banana ‘Protector’

Banana ‘Protector’ - Bizarre things that you can find online while shopping

This is one object that doesn’t need any thinking over. Its amazing how equally functional as well as ridiculous this one is.

  1. Fart odour neutraliser

Fart odour neutraliser - Weirdest things online

As a frequent victim of terrorist-attack-like flatulence of people unnamed, I had always wondered whether such a product existed. And I am so happy that it does. Definitely going to put this in my cart.

  1. Baby delivery training model

Baby delivery training model - how weird can it get

This was another object that had me nearly horrified, but not before realizing that it might be a prop for a Gynaec’s office.

  1. Baby shower shield hat

Baby shower shield hat - How bizzare this is

If you think about this, this product is actually genius. I say this because up until the age of 8 I was terrified of shampooing my hair, afraid that the shampoo might get in my eyes. Babies, I get your pain. #Solidarity

  1. Fake dog poop

Fake dog poop - Weirdest thing that you can buy online

Ok, I seriously can’t explain this even if I wanted to.

  1. Urine aiming sticker

Urine aiming sticker - Directionless R8

Another bizarre but genius product, especially for homes inhabited by sloppy men.

Obviously, we can’t really formally recommend you to buy the above, as one man’s genius, another man’s ‘Dafuq’s that?’

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