Beware Of Coffee! Excess Consumption Can Cause These Diseases

dont consume too much coffee - possible health issues

You may find it pretty amazing that over 1.4 billion people drink coffee every day. This statistics is shared by the International Coffee Organization. The USA is the largest consumer of coffee in the world. Around 83% adults in the USA drink coffee.

Unique aroma and taste of coffee lure millions of people across the globe. Controlled consumption of this beverage is pretty good for you health. Health issues occur due to consumption of 5-6 cups of coffee every day. You must restrict it to two cups or one cup if possible. That much intake of caffeine is enough to improve your bodily functions. Excess consumption of coffee is dangerous for your health. You may face the following health issues:


Excess consumption of coffee can cause cholesterol issue. The health experts always suggest cholesterol patients quit drinking unfiltered coffee. It can boost up LDL cholesterol levels. The research shows that unfiltered coffee is rich in two cholesterol-causing elements. These elements are Kahweol and Cafestol.

The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University researched and found unfiltered coffee extremely dangerous for the cholesterol patients. You should quit drinking unfiltered coffee and limit the consumption of this beverage.

Increased Homocysteine levels

You must restrict consumption of coffee to one or two cups from now. This habit can put your life in danger. Excess intake of this beverage can raise the levels of homocysteine in your body. It is a non-proteinogenic α-amino acid that can be responsible for a cardiovascular health issue.

Many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and heart disease due to excess consumption of coffee. You may also face the risks if you continue consuming 4-5 cup coffee every day.

health issues coffee consumption


Blood pressure

Most of the adults consume coffee to boost their energy levels. It boosts energy levels, but the caffeine can quickly boost up the BP levels. Doctors often suggest high BP patients quit coffee. It can also affect the BP levels of a normal human being.

Normal coffee may not be as harmful as the caffeinated coffee. Consuming caffeinated coffee is not a good idea. You should switch it with a healthy fruit juice or smoothie. That’s how you can feel energetic and stay safe against the high BP levels.

Health risks due to the sudden withdrawal of caffeine

Excess intake of coffee can cause many minor and major health risks. You might be thinking to stop consuming coffee immediately after knowing these health risks. Do not make that mistake because you may face several problems due to the sudden withdrawal of caffeine. It is a wrong way of quitting coffee. There is no need to quit drinking coffee. All you need to do is limiting the intake of caffeine on a daily basis. It will keep you healthy and you will not face any further health issue.


Coffee is one of those products that increase the production of urine in drinkers. Yes, it is a diuretic product and therefore it may cause lack of water in your body. What about you are working in a deserted area and drinking too much coffee? It will cause loss of essential fluids in your body. You may suffer from dehydration and face other health issues. You can prevent such situation by restricting the intake of coffee and enhancing intake of fruit juices.

It might be impossible to quit drinking coffee, but you can at least limit its intake. Switch to some more health-friendly beverages and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Beware Of Coffee! Excess Consumption Can Cause These Diseases

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