Most Awaited Work Laws That Should Be Implemented In India Too !

Laws That Await Arrival In India

Foreign Employment Laws for Indian Employees

Work life gets complicated with non-acceptable approach especially when it’s about “change of laws” with the changing era. Other countries have the list of benefits that make employees life better and stressfree. Lets quickly scroll through some laws that brought positivity to employees life.

  1. Proper Naptime

    Proper Naptime for Stress free employee life for IndiansSource
    Japanese believe in providing nap time to the employee during office hours itself. As they believe it will enhance the productivity of the employee at work and motivate them to do better in their work domain.

  2. Three Days Weekend

    Three Day WeekendsSource

    The working class of Netherlands doesn’t really have to wait for weekends as they have very less working hours. Their government believes they should travel more so they get three days weekend. Dutch law gives everyone the right to claim leaves like- paternity, maternity, and vacation too.

  3. Reading Breaks

    Reading Breaks for Indian EmployeesSource

    The UAE Government gives its government employees a dedicated time only for reading basis the “National Law of reading”. This law promotes reading and gaining knowledge in the workplace. So employees are expected to read content related to their profession and personal development.

  4. Paid Vacations

    Paid Vacations -  Employment Laws in IndiaSource

    Most of us have major travel goals as it’s our right to explore this world till we are here. In Australia, an employee after working for six months gets entitled to annual paid vacation of 30 working days.It is further classified basis the age- if employee’s age is above 25 years he will get a vacation for 36 days. Employees who don’t avail these benefits are paid extra for working on those off days too.

  5. Right To Disconnect

    Right to Disconnect - Labor Laws for India

    Employees of French have a right to disconnect from work after office hours. This rule bans employees from accessing emails after work. The French employees can legally ignore the work-related emails when they are back home. It saves their personal life from getting intruded with work life and helped them create a work-life balance.

  6. Travel Time Is Counted As Work Time

    Travel time to be calculated in work time

    Employees travel time elapsed in-transit while reaching for office is counted as working hours of the employee in Europe. The to and from of employees first and last appointments without a fixed office is treated as working time. This judgment was passed to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

  7. No Firing Of Employee

    Foreign Employment Laws for Indian Employees - No firing policySource
    The Portugal government is the heaven for employees who aim secure and stable work life. The law of country ensures no employee should be fired from his or her job. As There is no termination clause on employment. If an employer wants an employee to leave the job then the employer has to provide him/her with a decent resignation package before asking them to resign.

  8.  Career Breaks

    Career Breaks - Labour Laws from Belgium need to be implemented in IndiaSource

    If you are looking for a career break or wish to take a temporary career break from work. We are glad to share that Belgium allows its employees to take leaves. The best part about career break in Belgium State is they fund everything just for its employees.

  9. Working on Saturdays is Banned

    Employment Laws from Germany - Saturday Working Banned Source

    In Germany working on Saturday is treated offensive as working on weekends is a big NO. Employers of Germany can’t force their employee on Saturdays.

  10.  Flexible Working Hours

    Much needed employment laws in India - Flexible Working HoursSource

    An employee working in Australia for more than 12 months can opt for –flexible working hours basis the Fair Work Legislation that governs the relationship between an employer and an employee in Australia. It provides an employee with a balance of personal life as well as professional life of employees.

Most Awaited Work Laws That Should Be Implemented In India Too !

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