The Well Preserved Secret Is Finally Out-Men Are Way Emotional Than Women !

Dear Men, Don’t Shy Away From The Truth !!

facts about men's emotions

Since childhood, man is asked to hide emotions and not express it. As emotional transparency is not taught in every family nor has been appreciated since childhood. They feel proud about preserving their tears ignoring the fact that it damages the heart. Dear men, don’t shy away from the truth, as we already know you are way emotional than women. Hiding emotions is not a sign of courage, rather its a sign of weakness. As a weak person hides those tears, while a strong person cries it out and get over it like a pro. So let’s know that truth about man that makes them more emotional than women.

  1. Bottle Up Emotions
    why men hide their feelings SourceThe Most difficult part of emotion is hiding emotions. But the problem is they lose every beautiful bond with this hide and seek game. Dear Men, gone are those days when emotions were supposed to be kept hidden as girls of today appreciate men who express it out. Don’t bottle emotions as they deserve to be respected.
  2. Pressured Reaction

    psychological differences between a man and a woman Source

    Why should life be so difficult, dear men! Why take the pressure of an outcome? Girls don’t expect you to hide it rather expect you to face your emotions, so don’t fool yourself. Don’t take pains to match expectations, its okay to fail in life, sometimes.

  3. Emotions Devoid His Acceptance

    gender differences in emotions Source

    Men who are emotional are not accepted for their real self because some people tag them as a crybaby or bully them for expressing emotions like a girl. Dear men, not all ladies disrespect your emotions. Some care for your emotions genuinely, so don’t shy away from expressing it out..!!

  4. Convert Their Feelings

    facts about men's emotionsSource

    Men tend to convert their emotions into anger or even aggression sometimes. Converting your emotions into a different form will only ruin your terms with the person you opted to shout on.

  5. Art Of Expression

    Men and Their Emotions Source

    Men express emotions in a zone. They share feelings where they are respected and accepted. They avoid expressing emotions where it’s not respected and taken for granted.

  6. Men Are Confused

    male emotions vs female emotionsSource

    Expression of emotions is confusing for men. In some instances, when they show anger they feel its best response to all situations while keeping their wife deprived of real truth that he cares for her. they might love you but find it difficult to admit to the true feelings they share with you on the inside.

  7. Being Quite Is The Stress Handler Thing

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    They stay quiet when under stress as they don’t address issues because they don’t want to upset you. At the same time, they are putting brains to seek a solution to a problem.

  8. Reaction To Negative Emotion

    Negative EmotionSource

    Women feel emotions deeply especially the negative one while men shut emotion on encountering one, as they can’t handle it. Women cry on tragedy while men will scold his wife for watching such things or will switch channels or leave the room, immediately.

  9. Men Believe in Actions

    Men, women and emotionsSource

    Women prefer talking and analyzing the problem while men believe in “cut the crap” and aim to take some action for the problem they face. As finding solution to a problem makes them mature men that boost their male identity.

  10. Getting Cared

    Are men as emotional as women

    Some guys get married for one sole reason, any guesses? No, not sex, broaden your mind, pal. undoubtedly that’s one reason but there is more to this story. And that is to get pampered with care by their better half. Son’s mother is aware of the fact that after them, there should be someone to care for their dearest son just like her. Girls are born with the caring wings so this makes relations even more fulfilling and appealing, that any guy would love to fall for a caring girl.


The Well Preserved Secret Is Finally Out-Men Are Way Emotional Than Women !

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