Ever Wondered What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

Everybody knows that our planet is rotating on its axis continuously. The earth spins anticlockwise due to which we get days and nights. It is a regular process and therefore people do not care about it. Just imagine what will happen if our planet earth stops rotating on its axis. Of course, the day-night circle will stop, but that’s not the only thing that will affect our lifestyle. There will be the end of the human race and many other creatures on this planet. Let’s find out how?

  1. 1 Everything will fall on the ground


    Our planet is rotating at a velocity of 1,674.4 km/h. Yes, it is quite fast and that’s why you will not be able to stand on your feet if the earth suddenly stops spinning. Some people presume that they will get launched into the space due to the lack of gravity, but that will not be the case. You will get launched toward the ground at the same speed and similarly all the other creatures and structures will get destroyed immediately. 

  2. 2 The days and nights will become 1 year long

    If earth stopped revolving days and nights will be year long

    You might be wondering how it is possible that the days and nights will get one year long, but that will happen. Our planet will not spin means the days will turn into the night only when the earth will revolve around the sun. The atmosphere during the nighttime will get colder and during the daytime it will be hazardous for every living creature.

  3. 3 Massive Tsunamis

    If earth stopped revolving disasters will be massive tsunamis

    You might be wondering that I can survive the sudden fall on the ground and 1-year long days will also not cause any serious trouble, but what about massive tsunamis? The water of the massive oceans is calm now just because of spinning motion of our planet. If it will stop spinning, just like other objects the water of the oceans will also get launched and massive tsunamis will destroy anything that comes in their way. These tsunamis will take place all around the globe and all kinds of water bodies will cause destruction.

  4. 4 There will be only one supercontinent

    If earth stopped spinning there will be one super continent

    The above given three events were just starting. There are many strange and unbelievable things that can take place if the earth stops rotating on its axis. Another strange thing that will take place is the formation of a super continent. There will be only two oceans and one supercontinent. The formation of a supercontinent will cause massive earthquakes that will destroy the life on this planet.

  5. 5 Our planet will not be an inhabitable planet anymore

    If earth stopped spinning our planet will be inhabitable

    Many things work together to make the earth a habitable planet. Earth’s rotation on its axis is one of those things. Tsunamis, earthquakes, intense glare of the sun, and other disasters will quickly wipe out all the organisms from this planet. You should pray that our planet should spin constantly because the day it will stop spinning, there will be no life and only disasters. 

Ever Wondered What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

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