Stand Up Comedy Turns Into Problem For Kunal Kamra

Dear Young Comedians Watch Out, Says Kunal Kamra
Young Comedians Watch Out - Stand Up Comedy troubles for Kunal Kamra

Even expression comes with a danger now. Can’t believe us, read this to know more..!! Youtube fame cum stand-up comedian-Kunal Kamra adviced young comedians for their future. He is popular for making political jokes on government and even on PM Narendra Modi. So he has been loved by opponents of PM Narendra Modi.

A Chat With His Landlady
Young Comedians Watch Out - Political Problems for Kunal Kamra

Further Conversation With Her Landlady
Whatsapp Messages From Landlord - Political Problems for Kunal Kamra

Some time back, Kunal’s twitter account got deleted, so on Wednesday, he took to Facebook and shared an image of WhatsApp conversation that took place between him and his landlady. Because of his jokes on political matters his landlady asked him to vacate her house.

His Facebook Status Attached To His Whatsapp Chat

Younger Comedians,I don't have any comedy advice for you. I just wanted to share a few things that I have…

Posted by Kunal Kamra on 24 जानेवारी 2018

Kunal’s Facebook Post
He Lost His Work
as well as
Chances of being
part with brands.
now he is being
told to vacate
the house because
he used his
freedom of expression.

He was also “Appreciated By Arvind Kejriwal” who loved his content, humor and his stand-up comedy skills. Young Comedians watch out - Kuunal Kamra

His video on “Patriotism & Government” got viral leaving the audience laughing but which brought threat to his career.

Where is right to expression heading towards?? People are being targeted for wearing their heart on sleeves. Humanity and originality need a come back as its heading towards inhumanity and hell.


Stand Up Comedy Turns Into Problem For Kunal Kamra

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