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“Blue Whale” Kills Schoolboy In Mumbai.

Published on: 1/08/17 4:03 AM

Manpreet Singh is believed to be the first victim of “Blue Whale”, reported in India.

Manpreet Singh, a 14-year-old Mumbai boy commits suicide to complete the 50th and last level of a psychotic online game named “Blue Whale”.

“Blue Whale” is an online game that has emerged in the market during 2013 from Russia claimed to be developed by a former psychology student Philipp Budeikin, who was expelled from the college.

In this game, the players are assigned to a series of task that is to be completed in 50 days. As per Budeikin, he developed this game to eradicate the people who are of no use in this society by punishing them with suicide. This game has claimed the life of many innocent who got hooked on to this game and went on to complete the last level, i.e., SUICIDE.

During 2016, a Russian journalist brought this psychic game to light after many incidents of suicide were reported, accusing the game to be the cause. This created panic among the public and soon the developer, Philipp Budeikin was arrested and pleaded guilty for forcing at least 16 teens to commit suicide.

The Mumbai schoolboy, Manpreet Singh is believed to be the first victim of “Blue Whale”, reported in India. The young boy jumped off the 5th floor of a building in Andheri to complete the last level. The victim left behind no suicide note. According to the parents, the child didn’t have any kind of depression symptoms.

According to the schoolmates of Manpreet, he told them that he is playing a game called “Blue Whale” and won’t be able to make it to school on Monday.

With the suicide of the Mumbai school boy, it is believed that the game has now made its way to the Indian cyber space. Messages have been circulated via WhatsApp and other social networking sites asking parents and grown-ups to keep away mobile and other online stuff from children so that they can’t accept this suicidal challenge. People have started sharing the news too.

About The Game

In this game, players are invited to complete 50 tasks within an imposed time frame and document the completion of each level in the form of pictures. The first stages of this game are quite harmless where the victim is asked to watch a horror movie at 4 a.m. or to wake up at odd hours. Gradually, it turns violent, asking the victims to indulge in activities, such as harming themselves or drug overdose or to stand on the ledge of a high rise and many other abnormal tasks. During this process, the game extracts personal information from the users which is supposed to be used against them later. In case the player refuses to follow rules, the administrator threatens them to harm their family.

Apart from “Blue Whale”, the game is known by many other names such as A Silent House, A Sea of Whales, F57 or F-57, played mostly on Instagram and Snapchats.

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