Celebrities That Kept Strange Conditions On Kickstart Of Their Career In Bollywood!

Published on: 27/04/18 1:05 PM

Let’s Know Something Unknown To Us About Our Favourite Celebrities !!

Bollywood is an industry filled with so much glamor and spark that some stars end up losing their spark. Here is a list of celebrities who dared to stand for what they believe in and made their terms accepted prior they contracted with the production house. It need guts to speak your deepest thought, so let’s know who are these celebrities that kept condition on kickstart of their career in Bollywood, without fearing the consequences of what they demanded?

  1. Salman Khan


    Being the Top Bollywood actor and a strong person he too kept some demands on the kickstart of his career. Can you guess what he demanded? Any guesses ?? In 1988, while he was shooting for his debut film “Biwi Ho To Aisi” he clearly refused that he will not be doing a kissing scene in the movie. Therefore his close scenes have never turned into kissing scenes in his movies. Also, he demanded that in award show no performer will perform on his songs except Aishwarya Rai or he himself.

  2. Akshay Kumar


    Being a September born, Akshay Kumar embraced a disciplined lifestyle. He has the time slot for everything. Being a great actor in Bollywood he has an impressive personality too. Our action hero too kept some demands on kick start of his career. Can you guess what he demanded? Any guesses ??  Despite the working schedule, Akshay kept his demand straight that he will not be working on Sundays as he wants to spend his weekends with his family. As a result, his timeliness makes him available for signing 3 to 4 movies each year. That helps in balancing his personal and professional life well.

  3. Hrithik Roshan


    Greek God Hrithik Roshan is not only a great dancer but is also a fitness freak. He refuses to skip even a single workout session. From being good looking to being great dancer he has won hearts in Bollywood for his alluring personality. Our heartthrob also kept a condition on kickstart of his career in Bollywood. Can you guess what he demanded? He is strong headed about his health so he kept his terms straight that whenever he is going out of city or country shoots he will take his chef along, wherever he travels, also he never misses his gym sessions. The producer has to arrange for a gym facility despite the shooting location for Hrithik.

  4. Sonakshi Sinha


    Sonakshi Sinha is old school at heart and believes in worshiping her principles that makes her even more beautiful. She has made her way to the Bollywood with her dignity and doesn’t aim to break her principles just for a movie. If you have never known about this actress closely we’ll share you something that will make you respect her even more. Just like other celebrities she too wears her heart on her sleeves and kept her demand on kick start of her career. Sonakshi demanded a “No kiss” as a result she is never seen kissing in her movies.

  5. Kangana Ranaut


    The popular Queen actress of Bollywood is a less friendly person as she does not like speaking. She too kept her demand on kick start of her career. Any guesses ??  She kept her terms very clear that she will take her personal assistant along with her wherever she goes as she is not very friendly. For anything, you have to talk to her assistant first unless it’s about her shoot itself.

  6. Kareena Kapoor


    From being the princess of Kapoor family to being a queen of Pataudi Khandaan, Bebo rules life like a boss. She has some rules too and on the kickstart of her career, she opened the box of goodies. Do you know, what she demanded? She said- she will only work with A-Listed actors. Soon after her marriage, she has openly refused to do any sort of kissing or intimating scenes on screen.

  7. Ali Zafar


    Ali Zafar in his movie “London Paris New York” got his body double to do it. Just like other actors he too had some demands. He signed the no-kissing clause and “no intimacy at all” in his contract.

  8. Shah Rukh Khan


    Although Shah Rukh Khan is seen as a very masculine and brave in movies he too had some terms on entering Bollywood. When he joined the glamor world her kept a condition that was accepted by producers lately. Guess?? The king of romance admitted that he does not know how to ride on a horse as a horse galloped him in past which threatens him still. So he has signed a “no horse-riding” clause in his movie contracts.

  9. Priyanka Chopra

    PC is not only a beautiful woman but is a known personality of Bollywood.  On hitting the sets of Bollywood she kept it clear that she would not sign a movie that has no soul as she prefers giving a message from her movies to bring in some change with her acting skills. She has recently stepped into Hollywood that is “no nudity” clause in her contract for her recent American TV series “Quantico”.

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