Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation That Changed Their Looks Drastically!!

Published on: 28/07/17 8:48 AM

Celebrities undergoing plastic surgery, injections, Botox, hair transplantation etc. to look better than before is a very common act. Today, science and technology have grown so far that one who went through artificial surgery can’t be recognized. These surgeries are well known especially among Celebrities within fashion and entertainment industries as they have to look young and beautiful always. Indian celebrities also undergo these surgeries as they need to look flawless on-screen as well as off-screen too. Sometimes it goes wrong and vice versa.

There are many Bollywood celebrities who have made headlines due to their sudden transformation in looks. Not only a facial transformation but also they go under hair transformation. Their looks and appearance should be always flawless and perfect for their dazzling career. But seldom ages or health issue comes between their career and their personality due to which they undergo with the artificial surgery.

It’s very shocking to see our favorite stars drastic transformation after hair transplantation. One even can’t imagine how much these surgeries or transplantation change their looks and play a vital role in up building of their career.

Let us have a look at these Bollywood celebrities who have undergone hair transformation that brought a drastic change in their personality from ‘bald to hairy’.

Salman Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation

Bollywood’s highest paid actor ‘Dabangg’ Khan and controversy walk alongside. Salman Khan is in his late 50 and ages come with lots of problems. Salman started getting bald years back. Hence, he chose to get a hair transplant, for which he went to Dubai. As he was in demand and his career also demanded the transformation and results were fabulous.

Amitabh Bachchan:

Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation

The Legendary actor of our Bollywood industry has also faced a downfall in his professional life in late 90’s due to hair loss. It was the time when he had to take a right step and bring his career on track. Later, Mr. Bachchan went through hair transplant and after which he made a grand comeback with ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ in the year 2000. Bollywood got his legend back without whom Bollywood is imperfect.

Kapil Sharma:

Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation

The comedy king Kapil Sharma is most loved and highest paid comedian. His hard work and luck have made him reach at this level in his career. One has to change according to their lifestyle and demand of Kapil in the industry made to undergo hair transplant to get complimentary looks and personality for his relentless career. Now, his transformation is one of the talks of the town.


Aditya Pancholi:

Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation

Aditya Pancholi, who has mainly portrayed a negative role in his major films. In 90’s he was a temper and has faced a major hair-fall when his career was on peak.  He didn’t want to wear a wig to hide his baldness. Hence, he took a decision to have laser transplant for which he flew all the way to Delhi.

Sunny Deol:

Bollywood Celebrities Extreme Hair Transformation

Sunny Deol acting is always appraisable, however, he was not good at shaking legs that affected his career at a certain level. Sunny went through a hair transplant to improve his career but it didn’t go as expected made a vast difference in his looks.

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