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Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale!!

Published on: 31/07/17 1:49 PM

Bollywood celebrities never fail to make headlines with their glamorous looks or rolling into controversies. The lifestyle of Bollywood celebrities is a dream of many, its glitz and glamour have always attracted many of us. But, sometimes all how it looks is not how it is.

Bollywood’s shiny and glamor side also has its own dark side that people who have been in it know well. Making headlines from their extra marital affairs to a drug abuse, Bollywood has many dark and ugly truths that are always kept under the carpet.

Many Bollywood celebrities have lost their life and career due to their drug addiction. Later, came forward and confessed and opened about their drug addiction and there are stories that are still unspoken. Many lost into it and many made a move to save their careers.

The shocking side of Bollywood celebrities and their drug tales will make you bit your nails hard. Here are shocking drug tales of your favorite Bollywood celebrities that will hit you hard.

Sanjay Dutt:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

Munna Bhai star Sanjay Dutt’s tale of the drug is all are aware of, drugs and alcohol addiction cost him a lot. Sanjay’s career, as well as personal life, got ruined due to his drug addiction. Sanjay was arrested in 1982 for possession of drugs, after which father Sunil Dutt send him the US for rehab. Since then, Sanjay has changed himself completely and has no regret to share his tale with his fans.

Fardeen Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

The long forgotten Bollywood Actor Fardeen Khan son of veteran actor Feroz Khan was arrested by Mumbai Police in 2001, for the possession of a drug (Cocaine). Later, in same year Fardeen underwent a detoxification class. Courted accepted his plea and bail was granted immunity in a drug case, in 2012.

Ranbir Kapoor:

The one of the mosts versatile actor in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor is well known for his romantic and comedy roles. Ranbir has proved his versatility in acting in his various movies like Ranjneeti, Barfi, Tamasha etc. in a Magazine interview actor opened that he smoked up weed (Marijuana) during his school days. Later, he also smoked for his role in ‘Rockstar’ as an acting tool to get perfection.

Vijay Raaz:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

Bollywood actor well known for his Kauwwa Biryani dialogue in his film ‘Run’ was arrested by UAE police at Dubai airport in 2005 with 25 grams of marijuana. Vijay was shooting for ‘Deewane Huye Pagal’ in Dubai.

Honey Singh:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

The most famous rapper cum singer Yo YoHoneyy Singh’s journey and struggle from drugs addiction stand a witness to courage and dedication. Honey Singh was in a rehabilitation center for few months and was out of media eye too.

Gauri Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

Wife of Superstar- Shahrukh Khan was once arrested at Berlin airport for possession of Marijuana.

Sussanne Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

Sussane Khan, former wife of Hrithik Roshan is also in the list, Accordingly to reports, Sussanne’s drug addictions habits were said to be one of the main culprits of her divorce with Hrithik. Later the duo separated in November 2014.

Parveen babi:

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Shocking Drug Tale

The most glamorous actress of 70’s had very tragedy life story. Praveen was dating Director Mahesh Bhatt, post her breakup she was addicted to LSD, according to report. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol not only ruined her career but also took her life. She was found dead in her apartment in very worst condition.



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