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Published on: 2/12/19 4:12 PM

Lust stories, Sacred Games and Radhika Apte lose out to Safe Harbour, McMafia and Actress Marina Gera at the 47th international Emmy Awards.

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It was a proud moment for India when Indians finally were on the red carpet of a major international awards ceremony; although it was The International Emmys, we’re still content. At least it has the name Emmys in it.

The amazing event was attended by the top artistic geniuses from around the globe; unfortunately, none of the Indian nominees won.

Radhika Apte, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Lust Stories, lost the title to Hungarian Actress Marina Gera for Orok Tel. Lust Stories, which was nominated for Best TV Movie/Mini-Series, lost the title to Australian thriller Safe Harbour.

Even Sacred Games, India’s first Netflix original, failed to win the coveted title, losing to British crime series McMafia.

On the red carpet interview, Radhika Apte already foretold that she’d probably not win, so she’d just “cheer”. Well, if you already knew it, why did you go to the frickin’ show.

Isnt it obvious? It is a well thought out strategy. These Hollywood award shows awarding some random Indian show cause they know that these shows and the actors have a wide following in India. If they nominate them, surely a large chunk of their fans will try to stream or search their specific award show, and more people would follow these angrez award shows.

I mean, that makes sense right? Why would anyone in their right mind nominate Lust Stories???


Hollywood period piece The Warrior Queen of Jhansi seems like a future classic-in-waiting

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After Manikarnika, apparently Hollywood is also interested in making a movie on the legendary queen of Jhansi, Rani LakshmiBai. And even though the trailer is good, we never thought a day would come when we’d be able to say this; the Kangana Ranaut starrer was actually more, no, much more impressive than the Hollywood version.

Yes, we went back and saw the trailer of Manikarnika, and man, it was much more impressive than the Hollywood version. From sets, to dramatic element, to the texture of the scenes…

Even though in the initial scenes, a tiger-shooting with an arrow Kangana Ranaut looked like an Indian version of Merida from Brave, still the richness of the story and the character of Rani Lakshmibai was more pleasing in the Indian version.

And of course, Kangana Ranaut is a 4 time National Film Award recipient… whereas Devika Bhise, the actress playing the role of Rani LakshmiBai in the Hollywood film is….


Anyways, The Warrior Queen of Jhansi is directed by Swati Bhise, and also stars Rupert Evertt, Ben Lamb, Derek Jacobi, Jodhi May, Nathaniel Parker, Milind Gunaji, Yatin Karyekar, Arif Zakaria, Mangap Sanap, Nagesh Bhonsle and Ajinkya Deo. It releases this Friday, 28th November 2019 in India.


Bobby Deol says son Aryaman might want to be an actor

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Bobby Deol says his Son Aryaman might want to become an actor, but he can’t be sure. As of now, the actor says, he is just 18 and keen on his academics.

“One day, I am sure he would want to be an actor, but whether he will or will not, isn’t something I am sure about,” said the Gupt actor.

You’re not sure whether he would become an actor? He MIGHT want to?? Are you serious?

We don’t even know who Aryaman is, but we can tell you that he would definitely, 100%, for sure, will become an actor.

He is a fair, chocolate boy, has a good body (anyone can do that, nothing to do with genetics), and what’s more, he is the son, grandson, nephew, and even step-grandson and step-nephew of actors. What’s more, after the debut of Karan Deol, son of Sunny Deol, he also recently became the cousin of an actor. He is like the Ranbir Kapoor of the Deol family.

What else do you need to become an actor in Bollywood?

Acting skills???

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