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Bollywood News – Dilip Kumar celebrates birthday, Virushka complete another year of marriage, Shahid Kapoor backs out at a show.

Published on: 11/12/19 5:38 PM

Dilip Kumar celebrates 97th birthday today, thanks fans for well-wishes and messages


Dilip Kumar, the legend of all cinematic legends, is celebrating his 97th birthday today. The actor, who seems sure to be closing in on at least a 110, thanked his friends and fans, and expressed heartfelt joy at people’s well-wishes even after so many years. Sharing a picture of himself in a pink shirt, on twitter, he wrote, “On this 97th birthday, calls and messages have been pouring in since last night-thank you! Celebrations are not important- your boundless love, affection and prayers have always brought tears of gratitude in my eyes.”

Whoah! 97… it’s hard to believe! In the age of fast lifestyle and shorter attention span and abysmal memory, people still not only remember who Dilip Kumar is, but they also remember his birthday…..

A big shout out to an immensely talented actor who achieved that!


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli celebrate 2 years of marital bliss


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli completed 2 years of togetherness, and their marital bliss seems to be never-ending. Despite being followed by two to three high profile marriages like Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka-Nick, Sonam-Anand, Viraat-Anushka’s wedding still remains one of India’s most memorable, high-profile marriages. True enough, no other celebrity, no matter how famous, one other celebrity can beat the beautiful Tuscany wedding that Viraat and Anushka had.

Social media was, in fact is, in a special frenzy, what with all the pictures and videos of Virushka’s special day.

That is the reason why we couldn’t believe that they have completed 2 years, which prompted us to check again and again; 2 years….are you kidding? Their fresh new wedding pictures are still being revealed….


Did Shahid Kapoor cancel a performance due to jealousy?

According to reports, Shahid Kapoor cancelled his performance at an awards show because he lost out the best actor award to Ranveer Singh at the same show.

According to most sources that is what happened. But a source close to Kapoor said that he actually fell ill at the time, and therefore unable to honor his commitment.

Well of course, if the source is really close to Shahid, they will obviously say that. After all, it is often said that where there is a smoke, there is a fire……

Anyways, what is definitely known is that Varun Dhawan played the savior when Shahid played hooky. According to reports, Varun came in at the last minute as a replacement for Shahid Kapoor at the show. Apparently, Varun was a real gentleman too, as he agreed to fill in for Shahid Kapoor even despite a long shoot schedule for his upcoming film ‘Coolie No. 1’.

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