Day 4 Collection Of Padmaavat Is Finally Out! Amid Protests And Bans The Movie Entered Rs 100 Crore Club

Published on: 29/01/18 4:58 AM

Padmaavat Is About To Hit 100 Crores Club..!!!

Due to heated controversy and protest, Padmavati failed to release in many states. You might have thought collection got hampered whereas the reality is another way around. Fortunately, the film is enjoying a great run. Padmaavat-A Sanjay Leela Bhansali Film is seeking the attention of viewers from across the country.Day 4 Collection of Padmaavat - A Sanjay Leela Bhansali Film


The first day went low on collection being a working day, but it geared up from the 2nd day. On Friday it collected 32 crores as it got a day off advantage due to 26 January. Now we are about to share you 3rd-day collections that hinted this film will break records.

100 Crores Club - Collection of Padmaavat Movie

As per Box Office India, Padmavat has earned 27 crores on the 3rd day. Until yesterday, the total was 55 crores, but with the 3rd-day collections, the number has now reached a cliff of 82 crores. This film is heading towards 100 crores club and we can’t wait for it. Let’s see what will be its Sunday collection? Day 1 Collection Went 18 crores, Day 2 collection went 32 crores and Day 3 collection went 27 crores. The total collection of the movie- Padmavaat reached 82 crores. Day 4 collection of padmavaat was 30 crore. An aggregate of 4 days business of Padmaavat is now 112 crores.

As per the reports from the International markets. The movie is proving to be a big hit and shows a quite high performance in countries like Australia and Ireland. With a collection of Rs 11 crore (GOBC) as on 27 January, the movie has become the highest earning Hindi film in North America.


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