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Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman Kept Alive For 123 Days, Successfully Delivered Twins!!

Published on: 14/07/17 11:34 AM

A brain dead pregnant woman successfully gave birth to twins. She was kept alive for 123 days on life support.

Last year in the month of October 21-year-old Frankielen da Dilva Zampoli Padilha died during her pregnancy after suffering a stroke. She was kept alive so that she could give birth to her twins. It was longest period in history that brain dead person had kept alive on life support.

Brain-Dead Pregnant Women delivers twins

Doctors decided to save the nine-week old babies after they came to know about babies’ hearts are still beating inside their mother’s womb. Later in the month of February, twins were successfully delivered at seven months.

Brain-Dead Pregnant Women delivers twins

Doctor Dalton Rivabem, head of Neurological ICU, who was responsible for the case revealed: ‘We did an ultrasound on the embryos thinking they would be failing in the womb but to our surprise, they were clinging to life.

The father of twins Muriel Padilha,24 says the birth of his twin babies, Asaph and Anna Vitoria is a miracle.

Brain-Dead Pregnant Women delivers twins

When Frankielen died she was two months pregnant and Doctors efforts successfully delivered twins. They were born prematurely though they were healthy like other premature babies. They were kept in an incubator for three months. Later were discharged and raised by their granny.

Brain-Dead Pregnant Women delivers twins

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The babies’ fight for life brought tears to our eyes. we bless the babies long and healthy life.



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