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Brazillian Bodybuilder With 23-Inch Biceps Risks Life By Injecting Oil Into His Muscles To Look Like The Incredible Hulk.

Published on: 5/06/17 6:23 AM

A Brazillian bodybuilder inspired by the Incredible Hulk is risking his life by injecting oil into his arms in a bid to make his muscles bigger.

Beefcake Valdir Segato’s huge biceps measure a staggering 23 inches as a result of painful synthol injections.

The 48-year-old's arms have doubled in size from 12in after he began injecting the potentially lethal oil substance five years ago - and now  he wants to get even bigger.

The beefy 48-year-old’s arms have doubled in size from 12 inches.

He is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like The Hulk

Valdir Segato, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is inspired by the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like The Hulk and is proud to be known locally as 'the monster' in the street.

Segato, a construction worker, said: 'They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that.

'I've doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger.'

In his youth, he was very thin & addicted to drugs.

Valdir hasn't always been muscly.

In his youth, he was addicted to drugs and lost so much weight that people would call him 'skinny dog' and 'little skull.'

Valdir said: "There was a time in my life that I got involved with wrong things.

"I got involved with drugs and I started losing weight because you don't eat, you lead a wrong life.

Valdir's inflated muscles have also made it difficult for him to find love.

Valdir's inflated muscles have also made it difficult for him to find   love, as potential partners are too intimidated by his brawn to approach him, he says.

He said: "At the moment, I am alone, I don't have anyone.

Valdir Quit drugs & Started taking muscle enhancing synthol injections

Valdir quit drugs & joined a gym but was not satisfied & wanted more extreme effects than he could achieve from exercise alone.

He  was first offered synthol by a fellow gym-goer and soon became hooked  on the muscle-enhancing substance, injecting it regularly in his biceps,  chest and shoulders.

Now his weight has increased from 55kg to 80kg - but he says the oil doesn't make him stronger.

He said: "The oil is mostly aesthetic, it models the body and makes the muscle swollen - it doesn't affect strength."

But  Valdir's obsession with bulking up could cause serious problems - including amputation - and he has had close shaves with his health in  the past.

He plans pump up his biceps to a whopping 27 inches and his confident he will become a star.

'My dream is that with my musculature I try can achieve something - make a career from my body,' he said.

But  he still has some way to go if he is going to catch Moustafa 'Big Mo' Ismail from Egypt who has record-breaking 31 inch biceps.

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