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Buzz News – Hollywood singer Lauv’s Bollywood debut, Neena Gupta walks out of ‘Sooryavanshi’

Published on: 20/12/19 10:00 AM



Karan Johar’s upcoming production Good Newwz has already been making waves as a potentially hilarious film that will definitely rake in the big bucks. We know what you’re thinking…We’re not prophesying a good run simply cause it has an impressive star cast; that would be tad bit presumptuous.

We say that cause if the trailer is an appropriate indicator, then it seems that Good Newwz has a pretty decent script too. And of course, you can’t miss the acting chops of all the lead actors, especially Kumar, Kapoor and Dosanjh. And Sone pe Suhaaga news is that Karan Johar, producer of Good Newwz has collaborated with Hollywood pop singer Lauv, who has given songs like I Like Me Better, I’m so tired, Lonely (from ‘13 Reasons Why’) and other massive hits.

Hmmm…seems like everything about ‘Good Newwz’ is just more Good News.

Why Neena Gupta walked out of ‘Sooryavanshi’


Success can never change the truly humble. Acclaimed actress Neena Gupta has apparently walked out of Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Sooryavanshi’, but not for reasons you think.

Apparently, after roping in Neena for the role of Akshay Kumar’s character, director Rohit Shetty felt that the character did not fit the narrative. This was after the actress had already shot quite a few scenes when Shetty explained his dilemma to her.

The professional and dignified woman that she is, she herself backed out of the film to save the director from embarrassment.

And we’re all like, there is no script in the world that justifies keeping Katrina Kaif and getting rid of Neena Gupta. What do you think?

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